Dear Santa Paws, Love Rhapsody

Dear Santa Paws,

Would you believe I have reached the ripe old age of six years old and I have never written you a letter. This year is going to be my first Christmas with my forever family and Mummy said that if I’m really good, you might ever bring me some presents. I’m not sure how I feel about there being a strange man in my house in the middle of the night, I am somewhat of a guard dog you see, but I guess if you bring me some of the things on my list I can look the other way, just this once.

The first things I’d like, that I’d really, really like is a brand new jumper. I have a growing collection of knitwear but I would love a new one from Watts in the Box?, pretty please. The one I already have from them is my absolute favourite and I think I could do with one in a different colour scheme, afterall, a girl needs an outfit for every occasion!

Speaking of outfits, I am in desperate need of a new collar. Ok, desperate need might be a little, teeny, tiny exaggeration but I’ve seen the most gorgeous tweed collar in the whole entire world from Bramble & Friends and I just HAVE to have it! The combination of beautiful purple and turquoise tweed and vegetable tanned leather is almost too much to bear. Never mind diamonds B&F collars are a girl’s best friend! (FYI they also do matching leads #justsaying)

My most favourite things in the whole world, apart from cuddles, are squeaky tennis balls, the little Kong ones. Mum says I need a whole sack full, I have a tendency to de-squeak them you see. We’ve tried lots of other tough balls but I only like the Kong ones. I’m very particular. They must be their small size, I can’t quite manage the full sized ones in my delicate mouth you see!

Along the tennis ball lines, I would just LOVE an automated ball throwing machine, namely an iFetch. I know our pal Tilly also asked for one, if you could possibly have the elves whistle up two that would be great. Mum says her arms get tired throwing my balls all the time so it’s really a present for her, not me!

Since joining my new family, I have become somewhat obsessed with toys. Specifically any toy my little brother has but there is one issue, lots of our toys seem to explode spontaneously! I would love a new soft toy from Fluff and Tuff, apparently they have an extra special design that makes them explosion proof. My favourites are Skipper the Penguin and Edsel the Elephant, they are just the cutest!

One final thing, you may have receive a letter from my little brother Colin. He is quite the little terror and almost definitely should be on your ‘Naughty’ list! He barks at everything, plots with Eve to steal food, hangs off Desmond’s ears, takes our human’s socks and slipper, pinches my squeaky toys and jumps all over everyone he meets. He also gives pretty great cuddles, cleans my face when it’s mucky and always looks after me when we are out and about. In fact, he is a bit annoying but he’s a pretty great brother really, maybe you could bring him a few things from his list? I know he probably is on your ‘Naughty’ list but couldn’t you make an exception? Just this once? Thanks Santa Paws.

Poodle kisses,


P.S. I’d really like some yummy treats too but I’m not fussy like my brother. Any treats will do!


Dear Santa Paws, Love Colin

Dear Santa Paws,

I have been a very good pup this year. I always urinate in the garden, I only bark when absolutely necessary, I wouldn’t dream of digging holes in my human’s lawn and I definitely never, ever jump up at people, even if they have cheese. If you have a little spare time on your busy Christmas Eve, and since I am sure I have made it onto the ‘Nice’ list this year, I have a few small requests that would make me a very happy pooch indeed.

First on my list in a new coat. Mine does the job but a little bit boring, not something I’ll attract the ladies in. Something like one of these gorgeous waxed coats from Teddy Maximus would be great to help my game. Please make sure you get the correct size, Mum says I’m a funny shape (rich coming from her, I know!), the guys at DryHound can customise all their coats to ensure the perfect fit so it might be worth checking them out too. Plus they have so many options, however is a dood to chose?!

With a new coat, it only stands to reason that I should have a new collar. Mum says she can’t buy me any more but, if it come from you then it doesn’t count right? I love this denim star collar from Urban Hound, what could be cooler than a pup in denim? Maybe a pup in double denim? I guess I’ll need the matching lead too. Seriously though Santa Paws, you wouldn’t make me wear an old collar with my new coat would you? That would do nothing for my street cred.

When I’m out and about in my new get up, I’ll obviously need to impress my fans the only way I know how, with my mad jumping and tree climbing skills. To keep up my expert jumping level I must request some new Chuck-It balls from you, good sir. These balls are simply the best, only their glowing orange facade will do. If you’re feeling extra generous, a few squeaky Kong balls wouldn’t go amiss either. Their alluring noise even gets the attention of my (very little) big sister, fetch is much more fun with a friend!

After all my impressive stunts, I’ll certainly be needing a snack. The snacks I am really hoping to find in my stocking this year are the most delectable offerings from Veni-Dog. For a prince like me, only the best will do and Veni-Dog make my all time favourite treats. I am partial to their Special Treats however I would not be opposed to trying their Venison Chew Sticks either, it would be a burden I am willing to bear. Our friends over at The Pet Pantry might be able to help you out if you don’t personally have any venison meat to dry. I hear you quite like deer.

My final request, quite simply a place to rest my head. I can never find a space of my own for a quiet moment to reflect on the day’s, frankly astounding, actions… OK fine, I do have quite a few very nice, comfortable beds but there’s one thing that is missing, the final piece du resistance if you like. The thing that would really be the icing on the cake would be a doggy duvet from Tuff Mutts. With their range of classy colours (Carnegie Tweed for me, just in case you’re wondering) and their luxurious, fluffy sheepskin reverse, there really could not be a better way for a pup to relax after a hard day. It’s much more than eat, walk, sleep, repeat for us you know!

Just a final note, you may recall I mentioned my (very little) big sister earlier. You may receive a letter from her in the not too distant future. I’d take whatever she says with a pinch of salt, she’s been know to *ahem* exaggerate slightly.

Doodle love,


AKA The Best Behaved Dood in Surrey, possible the world.

Presents for the Dog Loving Human

According to Mummy, it is not just us pooches that get presents at Christmas, I know, it was news to me too! Just incase you do fancy getting your human a little something (on their credit card, of course),  here is our list of top presents for dog parents this festive season. Sorry in advance Dads, this list is mainly aimed at the ladies.

  1. Crazy Dog Lady Keyring from The January Rose RRP £6.99 – These keyrings are an essential for any dog Mum (just on the off chance that not everyone is aware of their ‘Crazy Dog Lady’ status). The lettering is hand-stamped and you have the option to add personalised hearts for just 25p each – bargain! TJR also do breed specific keyrings, fabulous, right?
  2. Canine Tote Bag from Tabbyrabbit RRP £7.00 – these adorable screen printed bags are made from 100% organic cotton and printed with ecofriendly ink. We love the range of gorgeous little dog illustrations on them, perfect for all dog lovers – especially if, like our Mummy, they’d like one of each! What a talented human there is behind the Tabbyrabbit brand.
  3. The Dog Sits Here Handpainted Cushion Cover from Whiskers & Stitched RRP £14.00 – technically for the benefit of us canines, we love these cushion covers from Whiskers & Stitched, after all, we should have the prime spot on the sofa, obviously. There is also a cat version. For those of you that like that kind of thing… W&S also have a range of other pawsome (and purrfect) cushion covers available, we struggled to pick just one!
  4. Personalised ‘I Heart My Dog’ Mug from Hoobynoo World RRP £13.50 – these personalised mugs are just perfect for a nice cup of tea whilst catching up on the latest dog blogs, with seven colours and over forty different breed/colour variations available, there is one for everybody!
  5. Poodle Trio Art from Fifi + Pascal RRP £66 (on sale for £60) – of course, we have a soft spot for anything poodley in our house and these pop art prints are just amazing! Mum reckons they’d look perfect hanging above our bed. Fifi + Pascal offer a huge range of different breeds in the same style and others that are just as amazing!
  6. XMAS Jumper 2017 from Duke Loves Fergie RRP £45 – let’s be honest, it’s the truth. There is no better Christmas jumper for your human this year. They also have a range of other, equally fabulous, jumpers and tops that humans can wear all year round. Winning.
  7. Christmas Lanterns from Amber Marie Portraits RRP £20 – for the dog lover that has everything, we have these unique fairy lights from Amber Marie. They can feature a range of breeds/cats/horses/wildlife, plus you have the option of having your own pet. Who wouldn’t love lanterns with their dog(s) on?
  8. Country Socks from SealSkinz RRP £45.00  – our Mummy is always complaining about getting cold, soggy feet on our walks so these totally waterproof, breathable and windproof socks would be just perfect for her or any human that doesn’t appreciate chilly toes! They have a Merino wool lining for warmth and moisture control, fancy!
  9. Neola Neoprene Welly in Navy Spot from Joules RRP £59.95 – these fully neoprene lined wellies are both functional and stylish! With the number of adventures we go on, a study pair of wellies are definitely essential, all Joules wellies also come with a one year guarantee which is just fantastic.
  10. Car Seat Carpet from Pet Rebellion RRP £29.99 – our Mummy drives a Mini so us lucky pups get to ride in the front seat most of the time due to the total lack of boot space. This seat protector would be just perfect for us, well perfect for when other humans steal our seat and don’t want a mud encrusted backside! We have a couple of Pet Rebellion products and they are just great at absorbing all kinds of doggy dirt!





Colin’s Favourite Festive Collars

There are lots of amazing Christmas collars out there, we’ve narrowed it down to our five favourites for this festive season!

  1. Christmas Ombre Limited Edition Leather Collars from Broughton & Co RRP £55+ – we love, love, love these new limited edition collars from Broughton & Co. Their collars are always gorgeous anyway but the glitter just takes it to a whole new level! Available in six different, equally gorgeous, colours, if we HAD to choose our favourites would be the Red & Gold and Gunmetal & Silver.
  2. “Bubblegum Santa” Collar from Mabel & Mu RRP £11.95+ – if you fancy something a little bit fun and different than you should head on over the Mabel & Mu to check out their Christmas range! We chose this pattern because we felt that is the essence of what M&M are about, it’s totally non-traditional and we love that. With matching leads, bandanas, flowers and bow ties available we think that you might get need a full set!MM1.jpg
  3. Christmas Stockings Fabric Dog Collars from Paws and Hounds RRP £10.50+ – something a little more traditional for you now, we think these red and green stocking patterned collars are just gorgeous. Subtle, festive and at a fantastic price, why not have the whole gang matching? Paws and Hounds are having a Pre Christmas Blow Out Sale on Facebook starting on Sunday the 11th December – head over to pick up some serious bargains!paws.jpeg
  4. Christmas Gold Stars Collars from Wiff Waff Designs RRP £12.95+ – if you’re after something with a bit of bling, why not check out these gorgeous Christmas Gold Stars collar from Wiif Waff, available in red and navy. We have the bandanas and they are just gorgeous, the perfect amount of sparkle without being too loud. Sophisticated sparkle, as we like to call it.
  5. Luxury Paracord Christmas Collars from Devil Dood Designs RRP £10+ – of course we couldn’t do a post about collars without mentioning the ones made by our very own human! With four different Christmas designs, all of which can be made in any of our collar styles (including our new Rope Style collars), there is a design for everyone. Of course, as with all DDD collars, all our Christmas collars are machine washable, perfect for if you like to get a little mucky on your traditional Boxing Day walk! You can also use the code BLOG15 for a cheeky 15% off!

Dear Santa Paws, Love Tilly

Hello! Amy and Tilly (@sillytillypoodle) here. It’s that time of year again and everybody seems to be writing their wish lists, so we thought… why not have one for the dog? Here’s a list of toys, treats, and accessories at the top of our canine Christmas list this year!

⦁ First thing you need to know about Tilly: BALL. ADDICT. We try to keep balls outside as they tend to become trip hazards which is why this indoor ball from Chuckit! is top of the list as it’s soft, squishy, and has less bounce so will hopefully be less destructive on the house.

Towelling robe from Dogrobes. This may be something I purchase sooner as we are beach regulars and it is now very cold, especially for a dog who’s jumped in the sea! I have admired these on our friends Colin and Rhapsody for a while now, and I think it’s about time little miss Tilly wasn’t so chilly!

Chilly channel swim!

⦁ Another item I’ve had my eye on for a while are the truffle matts from Watts in the Box. I’m all about fun activities for dogs, and apparently Miniature Poodles were bred for truffling way back when. Plus, this could come in super handy for Christmas day itself when pesky little dogs need to be kept busy (and away from human food!).

⦁ Christmas wouldn’t be complete without some tasty treats, and these are a recent favourite of ours from Vet’s Kitchen. Went down a storm, and they are in little star shapes, how festive!

Ifetch. Like I said, ball addict. An automatic ball launcher would make Tilly’s dreams come true! It would take a bit of work training her to put the ball back into the launcher, but I’d love to see her in action with it! It’s definitely the most expensive dog toy I’ve ever seen, but I just think it’s brilliant.

⦁ One of our favourite things to play with at the park are bubbles. I usually buy the child friendly kind as Tilly likes to catch them. Her mouth must taste soapy, which is why these peanut butter flavoured bubbles from Bubble Dog caught my eye.


⦁ Last but no means least; The waggpac. A box full of healthy treats and non-toxic toys, all ethically sourced (and monthly themed!) Seems like the perfect present for a pooch this Christmas. Having seen previous boxes, I am ever so tempted, Tilly does love parcels and I know she would enjoy everything in the pack.

Have you got any doggie must haves this Christmas? I’d love to hear. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your spoiling your pooch this festive season. Merry shopping, have a wonderful Christmas!

We’ll be rocking our Made For Mutts festive wear this Christmas!

Amy and Tilly


Perfect Stocking Fillers for the Pampered Pooch

Now that it is December, are we’re officially allowed to say the C word, we thought we’d head right into a couple of gift guides for all our lovely readers! With all the amazing products on the market for us pooches it can be a little overwhelming for our humans to pick out the perfect gift, fear not! We have chosen ten great items that any pooch would be thrilled to find in their stocking on Christmas morning!

  1. Festive Tweed Bow from Bramble & Friends RRP £6-£9 – we love these little bows from B&F, we have them to match our stunning tweed collars and these Christmas editions are just to die for. They are the perfect addition to any pups’ Christmas attire, and they come in four different sizes so there’s one for pups of every size!
  2. Hand-stamped Star ‘Syl’ Style ID tag from Simply Handmade Tags RRP £9-£12 – this gorgeous tag is a new addition to the range over at Simply Handmade Tags and we think it may just be their best one yet! We love the simplicity of the design, combined with a little extra thickness that their other tags for added durability!
  3. Hand Knitted Scarf from Broughton & Co RRP £17.50 – we’ve seen a few doggy scarves around this year but our favourites just have to be the ones from Broughton & Co! With a number of gorgeous colour options, our favourites are the Christmas Winter Red Knitted Dog Scarf with White Pom Pom and Red & White Knitted Dog Scarf with White Pom Pom – just so beautiful and festive!
  4. Festive Cranberry with Oats and Thyme/Chocolate Carob with Oats Biscuits from Wellybix RRP £6 – Wellybix make fabulous doggy biscuits and they’ve only gone and brought out a festive double pack! Their classic Chocolate Carob biscuits are just bees knees, we usually prefer meatier treats but for some reason these are like catnip to us, and we are sure their new Festive Cranberry biscuits are just as good!
  5. Christmas Pudding Frisbee Toy from Woofers Unlimited RRP £7.50 – a great festive toy for any dog that loves to play with a frisbee! Styled to look like a classic Christmas pudding, made of super tough fire hose and with a squeaker sewn in for extra excitement, these toys are sure to keep your pooch amused during the festive season and beyond!
  6. Red & Gold Festive Tartan Bandana from Made For Mutts RRP £4.50-£6.50 – these classic red and gold bandanas from Made For Mutts would add the perfect amount of sparkle to any dapper dog’s Christmas wardrobe. Available in three sizes, and also in green and gold, we are never disappointed by the range and quality from MFM.
  7. Poo and Treat Bag Holder from Whiskers & Stitched RRP £5 – we had one of these (had because someone, not mentioning any names, may have destroyed it…) and it was the perfect size for both a roll of poo bags and some treats, perfect for when you’re out and about and need things on hand!
  8. Filled Cracker for Dogs from Faerytails RRP £3 – who says the humans get to have all the fun? (Without the bang though, those noises can be super scary!) These crackers are filled with a pack of mixed flavoured mini cookies hand-baked with love, and lots of delicious ingredients, free from preservatives, artificial flavourings and colouring.
  9. Organic Cinnamon & Sweet Orange Shampoo Bar from Pointy Faces RRP £5.50 – with festive scents and organic ingredients we just LOVE this shampoo bar from Pointy Faces. The cinnamon & Sweet Orange essential oils can help to decreases inflammation, increase circulation and stimulates the immune system – how amazing is that?! Coordinating paw balm also available.
  10. Handmade Fleece Tug Toy from Watts in the Box? RRP £3-£11 – WIBT? have a variety of great toys on offer, we reckon they would just about manage to fit into a stocking! Playing tug is a great way to bond with your dog and when you’ve got the range of colours that WITB? do, they’ll look fantastic lying around your house!