Dear Santa Paws, Love Tilly

Hello! Amy and Tilly (@sillytillypoodle) here. It’s that time of year again and everybody seems to be writing their wish lists, so we thought… why not have one for the dog? Here’s a list of toys, treats, and accessories at the top of our canine Christmas list this year!

⦁ First thing you need to know about Tilly: BALL. ADDICT. We try to keep balls outside as they tend to become trip hazards which is why this indoor ball from Chuckit! is top of the list as it’s soft, squishy, and has less bounce so will hopefully be less destructive on the house.

Towelling robe from Dogrobes. This may be something I purchase sooner as we are beach regulars and it is now very cold, especially for a dog who’s jumped in the sea! I have admired these on our friends Colin and Rhapsody for a while now, and I think it’s about time little miss Tilly wasn’t so chilly!

Chilly channel swim!

⦁ Another item I’ve had my eye on for a while are the truffle matts from Watts in the Box. I’m all about fun activities for dogs, and apparently Miniature Poodles were bred for truffling way back when. Plus, this could come in super handy for Christmas day itself when pesky little dogs need to be kept busy (and away from human food!).

⦁ Christmas wouldn’t be complete without some tasty treats, and these are a recent favourite of ours from Vet’s Kitchen. Went down a storm, and they are in little star shapes, how festive!

Ifetch. Like I said, ball addict. An automatic ball launcher would make Tilly’s dreams come true! It would take a bit of work training her to put the ball back into the launcher, but I’d love to see her in action with it! It’s definitely the most expensive dog toy I’ve ever seen, but I just think it’s brilliant.

⦁ One of our favourite things to play with at the park are bubbles. I usually buy the child friendly kind as Tilly likes to catch them. Her mouth must taste soapy, which is why these peanut butter flavoured bubbles from Bubble Dog caught my eye.


⦁ Last but no means least; The waggpac. A box full of healthy treats and non-toxic toys, all ethically sourced (and monthly themed!) Seems like the perfect present for a pooch this Christmas. Having seen previous boxes, I am ever so tempted, Tilly does love parcels and I know she would enjoy everything in the pack.

Have you got any doggie must haves this Christmas? I’d love to hear. Hopefully this gives you some ideas for your spoiling your pooch this festive season. Merry shopping, have a wonderful Christmas!

We’ll be rocking our Made For Mutts festive wear this Christmas!

Amy and Tilly



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