Presents for the Dog Loving Human

According to Mummy, it is not just us pooches that get presents at Christmas, I know, it was news to me too! Just incase you do fancy getting your human a little something (on their credit card, of course),  here is our list of top presents for dog parents this festive season. Sorry in advance Dads, this list is mainly aimed at the ladies.

  1. Crazy Dog Lady Keyring from The January Rose RRP £6.99 – These keyrings are an essential for any dog Mum (just on the off chance that not everyone is aware of their ‘Crazy Dog Lady’ status). The lettering is hand-stamped and you have the option to add personalised hearts for just 25p each – bargain! TJR also do breed specific keyrings, fabulous, right?
  2. Canine Tote Bag from Tabbyrabbit RRP £7.00 – these adorable screen printed bags are made from 100% organic cotton and printed with ecofriendly ink. We love the range of gorgeous little dog illustrations on them, perfect for all dog lovers – especially if, like our Mummy, they’d like one of each! What a talented human there is behind the Tabbyrabbit brand.
  3. The Dog Sits Here Handpainted Cushion Cover from Whiskers & Stitched RRP £14.00 – technically for the benefit of us canines, we love these cushion covers from Whiskers & Stitched, after all, we should have the prime spot on the sofa, obviously. There is also a cat version. For those of you that like that kind of thing… W&S also have a range of other pawsome (and purrfect) cushion covers available, we struggled to pick just one!
  4. Personalised ‘I Heart My Dog’ Mug from Hoobynoo World RRP £13.50 – these personalised mugs are just perfect for a nice cup of tea whilst catching up on the latest dog blogs, with seven colours and over forty different breed/colour variations available, there is one for everybody!
  5. Poodle Trio Art from Fifi + Pascal RRP £66 (on sale for £60) – of course, we have a soft spot for anything poodley in our house and these pop art prints are just amazing! Mum reckons they’d look perfect hanging above our bed. Fifi + Pascal offer a huge range of different breeds in the same style and others that are just as amazing!
  6. XMAS Jumper 2017 from Duke Loves Fergie RRP £45 – let’s be honest, it’s the truth. There is no better Christmas jumper for your human this year. They also have a range of other, equally fabulous, jumpers and tops that humans can wear all year round. Winning.
  7. Christmas Lanterns from Amber Marie Portraits RRP £20 – for the dog lover that has everything, we have these unique fairy lights from Amber Marie. They can feature a range of breeds/cats/horses/wildlife, plus you have the option of having your own pet. Who wouldn’t love lanterns with their dog(s) on?
  8. Country Socks from SealSkinz RRP £45.00  – our Mummy is always complaining about getting cold, soggy feet on our walks so these totally waterproof, breathable and windproof socks would be just perfect for her or any human that doesn’t appreciate chilly toes! They have a Merino wool lining for warmth and moisture control, fancy!
  9. Neola Neoprene Welly in Navy Spot from Joules RRP £59.95 – these fully neoprene lined wellies are both functional and stylish! With the number of adventures we go on, a study pair of wellies are definitely essential, all Joules wellies also come with a one year guarantee which is just fantastic.
  10. Car Seat Carpet from Pet Rebellion RRP £29.99 – our Mummy drives a Mini so us lucky pups get to ride in the front seat most of the time due to the total lack of boot space. This seat protector would be just perfect for us, well perfect for when other humans steal our seat and don’t want a mud encrusted backside! We have a couple of Pet Rebellion products and they are just great at absorbing all kinds of doggy dirt!






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