Dear Santa Paws, Love Colin

Dear Santa Paws,

I have been a very good pup this year. I always urinate in the garden, I only bark when absolutely necessary, I wouldn’t dream of digging holes in my human’s lawn and I definitely never, ever jump up at people, even if they have cheese. If you have a little spare time on your busy Christmas Eve, and since I am sure I have made it onto the ‘Nice’ list this year, I have a few small requests that would make me a very happy pooch indeed.

First on my list in a new coat. Mine does the job but a little bit boring, not something I’ll attract the ladies in. Something like one of these gorgeous waxed coats from Teddy Maximus would be great to help my game. Please make sure you get the correct size, Mum says I’m a funny shape (rich coming from her, I know!), the guys at DryHound can customise all their coats to ensure the perfect fit so it might be worth checking them out too. Plus they have so many options, however is a dood to chose?!

With a new coat, it only stands to reason that I should have a new collar. Mum says she can’t buy me any more but, if it come from you then it doesn’t count right? I love this denim star collar from Urban Hound, what could be cooler than a pup in denim? Maybe a pup in double denim? I guess I’ll need the matching lead too. Seriously though Santa Paws, you wouldn’t make me wear an old collar with my new coat would you? That would do nothing for my street cred.

When I’m out and about in my new get up, I’ll obviously need to impress my fans the only way I know how, with my mad jumping and tree climbing skills. To keep up my expert jumping level I must request some new Chuck-It balls from you, good sir. These balls are simply the best, only their glowing orange facade will do. If you’re feeling extra generous, a few squeaky Kong balls wouldn’t go amiss either. Their alluring noise even gets the attention of my (very little) big sister, fetch is much more fun with a friend!

After all my impressive stunts, I’ll certainly be needing a snack. The snacks I am really hoping to find in my stocking this year are the most delectable offerings from Veni-Dog. For a prince like me, only the best will do and Veni-Dog make my all time favourite treats. I am partial to their Special Treats however I would not be opposed to trying their Venison Chew Sticks either, it would be a burden I am willing to bear. Our friends over at The Pet Pantry might be able to help you out if you don’t personally have any venison meat to dry. I hear you quite like deer.

My final request, quite simply a place to rest my head. I can never find a space of my own for a quiet moment to reflect on the day’s, frankly astounding, actions… OK fine, I do have quite a few very nice, comfortable beds but there’s one thing that is missing, the final piece du resistance if you like. The thing that would really be the icing on the cake would be a doggy duvet from Tuff Mutts. With their range of classy colours (Carnegie Tweed for me, just in case you’re wondering) and their luxurious, fluffy sheepskin reverse, there really could not be a better way for a pup to relax after a hard day. It’s much more than eat, walk, sleep, repeat for us you know!

Just a final note, you may recall I mentioned my (very little) big sister earlier. You may receive a letter from her in the not too distant future. I’d take whatever she says with a pinch of salt, she’s been know to *ahem* exaggerate slightly.

Doodle love,


AKA The Best Behaved Dood in Surrey, possible the world.


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