Dear Santa Paws, Love Rhapsody

Dear Santa Paws,

Would you believe I have reached the ripe old age of six years old and I have never written you a letter. This year is going to be my first Christmas with my forever family and Mummy said that if I’m really good, you might ever bring me some presents. I’m not sure how I feel about there being a strange man in my house in the middle of the night, I am somewhat of a guard dog you see, but I guess if you bring me some of the things on my list I can look the other way, just this once.

The first things I’d like, that I’d really, really like is a brand new jumper. I have a growing collection of knitwear but I would love a new one from Watts in the Box?, pretty please. The one I already have from them is my absolute favourite and I think I could do with one in a different colour scheme, afterall, a girl needs an outfit for every occasion!

Speaking of outfits, I am in desperate need of a new collar. Ok, desperate need might be a little, teeny, tiny exaggeration but I’ve seen the most gorgeous tweed collar in the whole entire world from Bramble & Friends and I just HAVE to have it! The combination of beautiful purple and turquoise tweed and vegetable tanned leather is almost too much to bear. Never mind diamonds B&F collars are a girl’s best friend! (FYI they also do matching leads #justsaying)

My most favourite things in the whole world, apart from cuddles, are squeaky tennis balls, the little Kong ones. Mum says I need a whole sack full, I have a tendency to de-squeak them you see. We’ve tried lots of other tough balls but I only like the Kong ones. I’m very particular. They must be their small size, I can’t quite manage the full sized ones in my delicate mouth you see!

Along the tennis ball lines, I would just LOVE an automated ball throwing machine, namely an iFetch. I know our pal Tilly also asked for one, if you could possibly have the elves whistle up two that would be great. Mum says her arms get tired throwing my balls all the time so it’s really a present for her, not me!

Since joining my new family, I have become somewhat obsessed with toys. Specifically any toy my little brother has but there is one issue, lots of our toys seem to explode spontaneously! I would love a new soft toy from Fluff and Tuff, apparently they have an extra special design that makes them explosion proof. My favourites are Skipper the Penguin and Edsel the Elephant, they are just the cutest!

One final thing, you may have receive a letter from my little brother Colin. He is quite the little terror and almost definitely should be on your ‘Naughty’ list! He barks at everything, plots with Eve to steal food, hangs off Desmond’s ears, takes our human’s socks and slipper, pinches my squeaky toys and jumps all over everyone he meets. He also gives pretty great cuddles, cleans my face when it’s mucky and always looks after me when we are out and about. In fact, he is a bit annoying but he’s a pretty great brother really, maybe you could bring him a few things from his list? I know he probably is on your ‘Naughty’ list but couldn’t you make an exception? Just this once? Thanks Santa Paws.

Poodle kisses,


P.S. I’d really like some yummy treats too but I’m not fussy like my brother. Any treats will do!


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