We’re off to Crufts!

We’ve been waiting to share this very exciting news with you all, we are going to Crufts! As a mutt and a poodle with funny markings you may be confused as to how we’re being allowed to attend the most prestigious dog events in the world? Well, we’re going as bloggers! We have never attended Crufts before, the closest we have come is Discover Dogs and we’ve been told that Crufts is on a whole new level. Excited would be an understatement.

For anyone that doesn’t know, and your right to call yourself a dog person has been revoked if you don’t, Crufts is one of the biggest and best dog show in the world and this will be it’s 126th year of competition. In 2017 there will be many different competitions running, agility, obedience, heel work to music but there is one big prize that everyone wants to win. Dogs come from all over the world to compete with the hope of winning the highly prestigious ‘Best in Show’. To win this title a dog (or bitch) must first win their class, then must be the best of their sex (within their breed), then the dog and bitch class winners then compete again for the Dog and Bitch Certificate and, if they win that, they compete against other breeds in the same group to win their group. Finally they compete against the best dog from all the other groups to be crowned ‘Best in Show’. Phew. I’m exhausted just thinking about it.

Over 20,000 dogs from 196 breeds split into 7 groups are entered to be in with a chance of winning ‘Best in Show’. In the last few years the title has been won by a West Highland Terrier (2016), Scottish Terrier (2015), Standard Poodle (2014) and a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (2013). The most successful breed in the show’s history is the English Cocker Spaniel, members of this breed have won ‘Best in Show’ an astounding 9 times which is amazing considering how many breeds compete for the title! Standard and Toy Poodles have taken four and two titles respectively but a Miniature Poodle has never won, we know who we’ll be cheering for this year! We hope at at least catch a glimpse of all 196 breeds in attendance but we are especially interested in checking out some of the rare and vulnerable breeds, we’ll be doing a whole post on these next week so keep your eyes open for that!

As I mentioned earlier, Crufts is not just a pedigree dog show. A number of other competitions open to all breeds and crossbreeds will be running alongside the pedigree classes including our favourite dog sports, agility and flyball. Since starting agility last year we’ve become hooked and cannot wait to see the experts showing us how it’s done! Maybe one day it’ll be one of us performing in the big ring, if Mum can get her act together handling us that is! Flyball is another fast and exciting dog sport that we have enjoyed watching in the past, we are excited to see the best in the world competing for the win first place! Another event that takes just as much training and dedication as agility and flyball is heelwork to music. Dogs and their humans, perfectly synchronised, performing amazing routines all set to music. We know a few tricks but we’ve got nothing on these guys!

The final event was are super excited about at Crufts is the Scruffs competition. Open to only crossbreeds this competition is quite literally Crufts for scruffy dogs! Of course all shapes and sizes of crossbreeds enter, not just the scruffy ones, and we cannot wait to see which of the six finalists come out on top! Each of the finalists has already won one of the six categories, Prettiest Bitch, Most Handsome Dog, Child’s Best Friend, Golden Oldie, Best Rescue and Canine Good Citezen Scheme. They will have competed against hundreds of dogs to get this far, heard take place all across the country throughout the year, then the semi-finals take place at Discover Dogs before just 6 dogs are chosen to fight it out for the Scruffts title. We wish them all the best of luck, they’re all winners to us

With so many exciting things going on, not to mention the shopping (more on which of our favourite brands will be there later!), you’d be crazy not to come on down and join in the fun! Tickets can be bought from the tickets office (here) and under twelves go free!

You can also keep up on the lastest Crufts news via the Crufts Facebook page and the Kennel Club FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages! Hope to see some of you there!

All photos have been taken from the Crufts official Facebook page. 


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