Review: Woof-Bed

A few weeks ago a rather exciting package arrived at AoD HQ. It was bigger than both Rhapsody and myself, (potentially than both of us put together) and inside was a brand new, luxurious bed from Woof-Bed, just for us! Woof-Bed specialise in luxury memory foam dog beds with practical fleece covers. We received a navy bed in their size large, usually a size large is just about big enough for the two of us to snuggle on together but this bed was actually large! Measuring 104cm x 94cm, it is plenty big enough for even the biggest of dog, or a large gang of little ones! 

So what makes Woof-Beds special? Well, the main component of a Woof-Bed is the memory foam mattress. Memory foam is a material that is commonly used in human beds and pillows and the benefits for humans are widely recognised. Memory foam conforms to your body by adjusting itself according to the pressure of your body on it which helps relieve body stresses, muscle pains and alleviate those aches. Sounds great right? So, why do us dogs deserve any less? As many dogs get older they begin to suffer with joint pain and diseases such as arthritis, a Woof-Bed can help to aliveive those aches and pains and can even prevent them from occurring in the first place when used long term. 

The second component of a Woof-Bed is the soft fleece cover, a practical wick away fleece that allows your canine companion to dry naturally without making the bed wet, perfect if, like me, you tend to get just a little mucky on your walks! With a range of colours available, we’re sure there’s a Woof-Bed to suit every pup’s taste. The covers are easily removable and can be machine washed but if you don’t fancy taking it off, you can just hoover all the dirt off it! 

Within moments of the bed being unpacked Rhapsody had claimed it as her own, apparently she thinks she is the size of a New Foundland. She also claimed all four of the tug toys that were generously included in our package, Mum tried to explain to us that there was one each but, of course, we always want the exact one that the other has! Eventually she decided that is was just about big enough to share with me. Just. That night Mum had her bed all to herself for the first time in as long as she could remember, our Woof-Bed was just that comfortable! 

Unfortunately for us, this bed was not destined to stay at our house, last weekend we packed it up and took it with us to Grandma and Grandpa’s to replace the gross old bed we had there. Mum also felt that Des and Eve would benefit from the memory foam, they are eight years old now which is considered senior in large breeds and standard poodles are prone to a range of joint problems. We spend most weekends over there so it only made sense for us all to have a comfortable place to sleep. Plus, with a bed this big, we can just about get all four of us on it (photographic evidence coming soon, Des is a little camera shy!). As you can see, all the dogs love their new bed and even the standard poodles have plenty of space!

Woof-Beds start at just £38.99, a great price considering the benefits of the memory foam and the price of the other memory foam dog beds on the market! You can also buy spare covers should you ever fancy a colour change. 

If you fancy your very own Woof-Bed you can buy them via their website! You can keep up with the lastest news and deals on their social media pages, they are on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Their beds are also occasionally available at a discounted price via one of the Doggy Delights Market Nights, you can keep up to date on their latest events via the DDMN Facebook page.


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