Help! I’ve Lost My Human! – Our Favourite ID Tags

ID tags used to be pretty boring, a standard rounded silver disk, or bone shape if you were lucky, with your hooman’s details on. Functional but not exactly attractive. In the U.K. it is illegal for a dog not to be wearing a tag in a public place but there is no stipulation that they have to be boring! Here are our top picks for stylish ID tags:

Up first we have these gorgeous hand-stamped tags from Dog’s Best Trend. Nothing complicated just beautiful, hand-stamped tags in copper, brass or aluminium. With a selection of designs to chose from, including some pretty adorable little symbols (including a poodle!), these tags are just pure class. We have them in both aluminium and copper and love them both equally! All DBT tags come with a handy storage pouch and polishing kit to keep your tags looking good as new!

Up next we have another range of hand-stamped tags, totally different but still totally gorgeous and unique. May I introduce the range of ID tags from Paws & Hounds. The whole range of tags are hand-cut from sheets of brass or copper and then hand-stamped with your choice of wording, P&H are constantly bringing out new designs and are also willing to work with customers to create your own, totally bespoke, tag shape!

To add some variety, you may have noticed how much I love hand-stamped tags, we have the colourful and fully customisable offerings from We Love To Create. If you’re a regular reader of our blog then you will know that we are brand reps for WLTC and now have a sizeable collection on their tags! We love how customisable they are, with so many colours and patterns on offer, almost every tag that leaves their warehouse is totally unique.

Last, but by no means least, we have the hand-stamped masterpieces from Simply Handmade Tags. They have an amazing range of different shapes and styles to chose from, none of which we have ever seen anywhere else! Our personal favourites are the Washer & Star Paw Print ‘Doodles’ Style tag (named after yours truly) and the Star ‘Syl’ Style tag.

So there you have it, no more excuses for boring ID tags, we suggest you have one from each of our favourite four, variety is the spice of life after all!


4 thoughts on “Help! I’ve Lost My Human! – Our Favourite ID Tags

  1. Love the look of the Dog’s Best Friend and Simply Handmade Tags and will give them a look, Really showing my age by saying this but I actually quite like the plain functional ones too!!! Sure I will deny saying that after another few months of checking out all the uber smart dogs on insta, Great blog,

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