Crufts 2017:Who We’ll Be Visiting

We are unbelievably excited about our trip to Crufts next week. Not only will we get to see the creme-de-la-creme of the show dog world and the top doggy athletes from around the world but we will also get to visit all our favourite companies under one roof! Over the last couple of years we’ve come to love so many great British pet companies and we can’t wait to catch up with everyone and stock up on all kinds of goodies! It would be impossible mention everyone but here are the top 10 stalls we will be visiting at Crufts 2017!

1) Dependable Pets – our favourite for training treats, their ‘Love Bites’ are our all time favourite training treats so we’ll definitely be stocking up! They also have a great range of other treats and food with lots of healthy, grain-free options for those with a sensitive disposition.

2) Mabel & Mu – one of our all-time favourite accessory companies. They are always releasing new and exciting designs and we are beyond excited to see their new tartan ranges that they are launching at Crufts!

3) Benyfit Natural – as many of you know, we are raw fed and Benyfit make the best raw food on the market. No exceptions. We can’t wait to have cuddles with the team while Mum sorts out our food deliveries for the next few months! Benyfit always have great deals onn their food at shows so, if you are on a raw diet, we recommend you check them out, with your hooman’s credit card, of course!

4) Cosy Chic Pet Boutique – CCPB make gorgeous handmade wooden dog beds. Actually, calling them beds might be slightly insulting them. They are far more than just your average dog bed, they are gorgeous pieces of bespoke furniture tailor made for your home. We simply cannot wait to swing by and check them out in person!

5) Wiff Waff Designs – another of our favourite accessory companies, if classic style is what you’re after then Wiff Waff is where you need to head. They also have new designs ready to release next week at Crufts including some gorgeous geometric designs that previewed on their Instagram this week!

6) Quarters of Sussex – Quarters of Sussex make gorgeous bespoke dog kennels, if your garden is calling out for a new pooch pad, or you’ve convinced your hoomans that you could do with your own space inside, then this is the stall for you. Amazing quality and they used recycled materials, what’s not to love?

7) The Pawfume Shop – ever get the feeling that the l’eau de fox just ain’t quite doing it for the ladies? You need to head to The Pawfume Shop as soon as possible. Their range of designer fragrances for dogs are guaranteed to have all ladies eating out of the palm of your paw. Personally, I’ll being going for ‘DOG in a MILLION’ since clearly I am.

8) Finer By Nature – always a favourite for natural treats, Finer By Nature have a huge range of healthy, additive-free treats. We especially love their range of Grab and Go “Tubbies” as they make great high value treats for my agility classes! They also sell a wide range of supplements and oils including coconut and fish oil, both of which are great additions to our raw diet.

9) Dogrobes – Mum says our Dogrobes are the best thing she’s every bought us. The whole gang now have their own robe (coordinating, of course) but with the launch of their new tartan range it would be rude to not at least have a look!

10) Chuck-it Dog Toys – before we were the lucky recipients of a Chuck-it ball launcher I had no interest in playing fetch. Now, I love nothing more than carrying my luminous orange ball back to my hoomans again, and again, and again. Mum says it’s much easier to tire me out these days and that’s a good thing for everyone!

Remember you can still buy your tickets for Crufts here! If you see us wondering around please do come over and say hi, we promise we won’t think you’re weird.


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