A Photoshoot with… Luna’s Loft

A couple of weeks ago we went on a very exciting photoshoot with one of our new favourite companies, Luna’s Loft. We also brought along our new pal Kevin, you’ll be seeing lots of him around here! We’ve got lots of lovely photos to share with you but first we wanted to just give you a little lowdown on Luna’s Loft.

Luna’s Loft is a constantly evolving brand, they started with bandanas, then came their gorgeous handmade rope leads and collar and I know there are a variety of other fantastic products in the pipeline. Let’s start with their bandanas. Luna’s Loft create totally unique bandanas, not only in their unusual fabric choices but also in the way they fit. LL offer two options, ribbon tie-on bandanas and bandanas fitted with elastic. We have never seen bandanas fitted in this way before (and you all know we love a good bandana) and honestly, it’s genius. They are so easy to get on and off, no faffing with tying or taking collars off which is great when you’re in a rush. Their ribbon tie bandanas are also great, much less bulky than a traditional tie-up and ideal for growing pups like our pal Kevin!

Next up we just have to talk about the gorgeousness (and no, I’m not 100% sure that is a really word) that is the Luna’s Loft rope collars and leads. We follow many-a rope lead company over on Instagram but they are largely in the USA. Which means that usually shipping costs more than the leads themselves. Boo. Well, fellow British fur-pawrents, despair no more, Luna’s Loft is here to meet all your rope accessory needs! With designs ranging from classic ombre to stunning rainbow, these leads and collars are just what the doctor ordered. Beautifully made using extremely soft rope and durable hardware, we just love the quality look and feel of these leads. We have both a bright and pastel rainbow lead and cannot wait to show them off at Crufts this week!

You can get your paws on the gorgeous creations from Luna’s Loft from their Etsy shop now!

Hannah, the master creator behind the brand, is also a very talented portrait artist, you can check out her work on her Facebook page. So that’s it. Now you know all about Luna’s Loft and the driving force behind it, now you can enjoy the photos of Colin, Rhapsody, Desmond, Eve, Kevin (Chow Chow) and Olly (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel). All photos were taken by Hannah.


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