Crufts 2017: Treats, Toys and Food

We had the most amazing time at Crufts last weekend, totally exhausting but completely wonderful. Not only did we pick up lots of great bargains but we also got to meet up with lots of our friends from Instagram, both canine and human. More on who we hung out with later, this post is all about the treats, toys and food we charged to Mum’s credit card!

Our first mission at any show is to stock up on treats. We can be a fussy pair according to our hooman, personally I don’t see what’s wrong with having high standards but it does rather limit us when it comes to buying treats. Mum also likes to keep our diets as natural as possible so that means we are doubley limited! Luckily for us two of our favourite treat companies were at Crufts; Boxby and The Dog Treat Company. Boxby (sold by Dependable Pets here in the UK) do THE best training treats, their fabulous ‘Trainer Mini Bones’ are taking the canine community by storm! These minuscule bones of joy are perfect for photoshoots, trick training, agility and any other activity where lots of treats are required. As there are lots of different flavours in each pack they never get boring and, as they’re so tiny, you don’t need to worry about maintaining your waistline! Boxby also do a fabulous range of Grain-Free treats which are ideal for those with a sensitive disposition and also make great high value rewards for training. We could not get enough of their new ‘Salmon Protein bites’, we’ve been using them in our Kongs and they hold our interest like nothing else! Another fantastic treat company we were thrilled to see at Crufts (unexpectedly as they were there as part of a joint stall!) was The Dog Treat Company who make an amazing range of handbaked liver treats. We’ve been  using their treats as high value training treats since we first went to Discover Dogs in 2015 and were very excited to see they have a new range of treats out! Like their original range their new treats are 100% natural, handbaked, wheat and dairy free with no added nasties! They come in a number of varieties including Fresh Breath, Joint Care and Skin & Coat, all of which include a small selection of additional (natural, naturally) ingredients and all of which are delicious. Mum’s favourites are the Fresh Breath with added parsley, peppermint and organic coconut oil, not sure why she has a favourite but they all taste great to us!

Talking of stocking up, we simply had to swing by the Benyfit Natural stand to put in our food orders for the next few months! Some of you may not know that we are raw fed (and both have been since weaning), we have tried all the different brands and Benyfit is by far the best quality raw food on the market. They always have really good hamper offers on at shows, if you’re raw fed then you should definitely swing by to check them out next time you spot them, they also give great cuddles and yummy treats! We always place an order for a hamper (or two) when we see the team at shows, their food is not the cheapest but we reckon we’re totally worth it!

Now onto the fun stuff, our new toys! We have been looking for a small tennis ball launcher for ages, due to Rhapsody’s minute size she can’t carry a normal sized tennis ball properly, as much as she tries! When we heard Chuck-it! were going to be at Crufts we just knew we needed to swing by to check out their little launchers and luckily for us they still had some left.  We are long-time fans of Chuck-it!, their toys are great value for money and super durable. We are yet to destroy any of our Chuck-it! balls and the same can definitely not be said for other brands! Another great find was Rhapsody’s new treat ball from Beco Pets. The Beco Ball is made from natural rubber and rice husk fibres and is perfect for hiding yummy treats in! They come in four different sizes, we have the smallest size which is ideal for Rhapsody and she prefers it to any other treat dispensing toy! It is a slightly irregular shape and therefore moves erratically which provides hours of entertainment for both dogs and their owners. Mum seems to think its hilarious when we can’t work out which way it’s going to go!

Finally we have a very exciting new toy from Paws Trading, a Paws Pocket.  Since we started agility Mum has been fighting a fairly constant battle to keep me motivated. She finally discovered a treat dispensing activity ball last Summer and it seemed like all her problems were solved until I destroyed it, #sorrynotsorry. Luckily for her the guys at Paws Trading have created their very own agility training ball called the Paws Pocket. The Paws Pocket holds a treat or multiple treats by three ‘petals’ that are held together with Velcro, it is also available in three different sizes to suit all breeds of dog. They are great as a training aid to help us more relaxed pooches to increase drive and motivation. It has worked wonders for my speed and accuracy at agility and it is looking pretty indestructible so far!



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