Crufts 2017: Accessories 

By now you must all be aware of our hooman’s issues with buying us accessories so it’ll be no surprise to you that we came away with a few new bits from Crufts!

First up we have our gorgeous new tartan sets from Mabel & Mu, in blue and pink. Mabel & Mu released an impressive ten new prints at Crufts, each as cute as the next, we had a seriously tough time deciding which ones to choose! In the end it came down to Mum’s obsession with matching. There’s nothing we love more than a good coordinating set and these new releases from Mabel & Mu are the perfect addition to our Spring wardrobe. We opted for bows to complete our matching sets, after all, who doesn’t love a dog in a bow tie?! The bows from Mabel & Mu are the best in the business, they don’t loose their shape like most doggy bows out there and they come in a huge range of sizes to suit pups of all shapes and sizes!

Second, we have our fabulous sets from Wiff Waff Designs and, you guessed it, they’re matching! Wiff Waff also released a number of new designs for Crufts and we just fell in love with their Pink and Green Fizz sets. The bright, modern geometric prints are both eye-catching and stylish, we love the way the patterns look again our colouring. Wiff Waff bandanas are some of our favourites, their quality is superb and they always have a great range of fabrics! These will be a solid staple for our many trips we’ve got planned this summer so keep an eye on our Instagram for lots of cute pictures.

Finally, lucky Miss Rhapsody came home with a brand new purple drying robe from Dogrobes. I’ve had a Dogrobe since 2015 and Mum still maintains that it is the best thing she’s ever bought me! Once Rhapsody came along it made sense that she needed one too and Mum just couldn’t resist how cute the limited editions grey and pink look together so I ended up with two! One for when I’m gross and muddy and one for after our baths, makes sense, right? Mum says it was only fair that Rhapsody had a new one to even things out (and she can also get fairly filthy on walks!). The purple is totally gorgeous and suits Rhapsody perfectly. We’ve got our eyes on their new patterned robes next, the tartan is to die for and we can’t wait to see what fabulous designs they come up with next!


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