A Visit to… Not For Cats Dog Deli

img_4920-1Last week we had an exciting day trip planned to meet our friends Tilly (@sillytillypoodle) and Sev (@fachshund) for a good romp on the beach, Sev’s hooman had spotted Not For Cats on social media and thought that it looked right up our street so, when we realised they were not too far from where we were meeting, we decided to pay them a visit and check out what all the fuss was about! We also simply had to meet the big man in charge, shop dog Sampson the Labradoodle, what a lucky Dood getting to run his own shop, right?!

The first thing we noticed upon entering Not For Cats is that it was not your average pet shop, in fact, calling it a pet shop seems a little offensive. It’s a cross between a doggy deli and exclusive boutique! The deli counter was the first thing to catch our eyes (and noses) as it was covered in an assortment of dried meaty goodies, from pig snouts to rabbit ears, from dried liver to goose necks, they had every treat a pup could possibly dream of! Our hooman (and Tilly and Sev’s) can be a little obsessive about what they feed us so being about to choose from such a wide range of healthy, natural chews and treats was amazing. Sev even managed to find a pizzle big enough to take home for his sister, Ava the Saint Bernard!

Once we manage to drag ourselves away from the deli counter we noticed that Not For Cats stocked a lot of our favourite brands; Bramble & Friends, Beco, Green & Wilds, The Dog Treat Company, Benyfit Natural, PitPat, Paws & Hounds, clearly these hoomans knew what they were doing when they set up thier shop. It was great to see such a variety of high quality items rather than having to wade through all the rubbish to find something half decent like you do at a ‘normal’ pet shop. We could honestly have had one of everything, luckily they didn’t have everything in the right size! We also came across a few new brands that we were very excited to try; we picked up a bottle of Wild Wash shampoo and a variety of chews and training treats – we will let you know how we get on with them in due course but so far so good!

Although Not For Cats do stock a small variety of high quality kibble and wet food, we were very pleased to see that they are very much advocates of raw feeding and stock three different brands of raw food; Benyfit Natural, Cotswold Raw and Natural Instinct and well as lots of yummy raw meaty bones! It’s great to see small pet shops supporting raw feeding, the evidence that a biologically appropriate diet is the future of pet food is starting to stack up (if you haven’t seen ‘Pet Fooled’ yet then you simply must make a date with your sofa and Netflix account) and although the big boys of the pet shop world are, in our opinion, way behind the times when it comes raw feeding, we love that the smaller members of the industry are getting on board!

All for me?
Not For Cats also have their own grooming parlour which they very kindly let us borrow during our visit, apparently no one else fully appreciated the aroma of the unidentified dead thing I had rolled in at the beach…. Luckily, with the combination of the Not For Cats power shower and the fantastic Wild Wash Deodorising shampoo, I was soon back to smelling as fresh as a daisy! I was even introduced to a strange device called a blaster. Not sure how I felt about that one but it sure made me nice and fluffy! Rhapsody and I are hoping that next time we go down Mum might even book us in for a full beauty treatment, maybe if someone else cut us we wouldn’t end up with wonky bits all over the place, no offence Mum!

Not For Cats run a series of meet up events (we hear there are pup-cakes involved!) for different breeds or cross breeds of dog, we are gutted that our hoomans are away for the next ‘Poodle, Doodle, Poo’ meet up in a couple of weeks time (21st May if anyone wanted to go) but we will definitely be keeping our eyes open for the next one! They also have a ‘Sausage Take Over’ on the 7th May, a ‘Spaniel Take Over’ on the 11th June and ‘Retreiver Madness’ on the 16th July – let us know if any if you attend any of them, we’d love to hear all about it! For more information about any of their events, head to their Facebook page.

You can follow Not For Cats on their social media channels to keep up to date with the latest news, events and, of course, lots of cute pictures! We will definitely be swinging by again next time we are in the area and can not recommend them highly enough for their range of products or their customer service!

Website: http://www.notforcats.co.uk/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/notforcatsdogdeli/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/notforcats/



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