A Day At… Paws in the Park Spring Show

Early on the 14th of May we loaded up the car and headed down the motorway, final destination – the South of England Showground in Ardingly. Why, you ask? Well for Paws in the Park Spring Show of course! We were lucky enough to attend the show last year, it was one of our favourites, and we simply could not wait to go back again. We were joined on our road trip by Hannah and Aurora (@thecotswoldcollies) which definitely made the trip much more enjoyable, even if our hoomans were so busy chatting they missed a few directions from the Sat-Nav. Hannah also brought us some new Luna’s Loft bows at match our new Devil Dood Designs sets Mum had made for us, you’ve got to look your best for these events, you never know who you might meet!

After what seemed like hours, we finally arrived at the show and met up with our good pal, Tilly and her hooman, Amy. Excitingly, Tilly was also blogging for Paws in the Park (you can read her blog on the day here – her hooman was much speedier at posting than ours). When we arrived we headed straight for one of the off-lead exercise area to run off some nervous energy, these areas are one of the main reasons we love the Paws in the Park events so much. Lots of dogs (including me!) can be a little bit funny on the lead sometime so having an area where we can do some butt-sniffing without the constraints of our leads is much appreciated. While we were making new friends in the exercise area our spaniel friends Lily and Severus (@spaniellife) also arrived! I’ve decided that the dashing Sev is my brother from another mother, we have matching hair and everything! DSC_0706

The Paws in the Park shows are great for a number of reasons but our favourite thing about them is all the have-a-go activities going on! You can try your hand, or rather, paw at everything from dock jumping to search and rescue and Mum was determined for us to have a go at as many things as possible! We headed straight for the aqua splash area to sign Aurora up for the dock diving, Rhapsody, Tilly and I are far too wimpy to try it (and I don’t do queuing) so we left her and Milo (@milothedalmador) to it and supported from the sidelines! We did however all join in and have a go at; two lots of fastest recall (one with hurdles and one without), a scurry, terrier racing, temptation alley and agility. Phew. I’m exhausted just remembering it all! Aurora and her hooman put us all to shame again when they also tried Canicross, I would’ve loved to have tried it but Mum says she can’t run. Spoil sport.

Of course, Paws in the Park was also a great opportunities for us to catch up with all the companies we love and discover a few new ones too! Our top finds at Paws in the Park were Lala and Belle Dog Bakery and Super Puppies. Lala and Belle had an amazing range of hand-baked goodies for dogs, everything from muffins to donuts, all made with the best ingredients. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog post all about them soon! Super Puppies is the other new brand we are excited to share with you. You all know that we love to accessorise so finding a new company that make high quality accessories was very exciting for us. Super Puppies have a range of cute designs to suit everyone and all their collars come with a bow tie – how perfect is that?! We definitely plan on adding some of their Super Sets to our collection very soon! We also caught up with Benyfit Natural, Wiff Waff Designs and Gerties & Berties, it’s always great to see the teams behind the brands we love and we got lots of fuss and cuddles, obviously.

Paws in the Park also run official agility and flyball competitions, this is something fairly unique to the shows and we think it adds to the amazing atmosphere. While we had our lunch we settled down by one of the agility rings to watch the pros at work. It was pretty hard not to get overexcited by the dogs in the ring but we were nicely distracted by our baked goods from Lala and Belle! At the very end of our day we were treated to something very special, a disk dog display from Ellie and her hooman Sian (@thewondercollies). The windy weather did not make it easy for them but the display was amazing anyway, those girls have got some serious skills! Unfortunately the other two thirds of The Wondercollies, Storm and Jet, were unable to perform on the day but we look forwards to seeing the whole trio in action very soon!

Does Paws in the Park sound like your kind of show? Well, you’re in luck – there are two more Paws in the Park shows this year! The Summer Fair is in Hampshire on the 6th and 7th of July and the Autumn Show is in Kent on the 16th and 17th of September. We might even see you there! You can buy your tickets online here and save 15%!

All photos were taken by Amy (@auraphotographs) or Emily (@sputnikthesighthound), thanks to them for letting us use them for this post!


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