Review: La La and Belle Dog Bakery

Just over a month ago at Paws in the Park we discovered a brand new dog bakery called La La and Belle. Mum is a little (read: excessively) fussy about what she feeds us so we were excited to find a company that is entirely concentrated on making fabulous baked goodies for us pups! Although we are raw fed, Mum doesn’t see the harm in us having a few treats here and there but she does like to know that what she is feeding us is good quality. With such a huge range of treats available on the UK market, and scandals about the ingredients used in an increasing number of different brands becoming more and more common, it is hard to know which ones are even safe, never mind actually good for us! We tend to stick to dried meat treats for both training treats and chews, the concept of a vegetarian dog bakery did seem a little odd to dogs who LOVE their meat however, we can confirm that despite the lack of meat we loved everything we were offered from La La and Belle!

To find out a little more about La La and Belle we decided to interview the brains behind the delicious operation, the lovely Becky.

AoD: Hi Becky, thanks for joining us today! First thing’s first, who are La La and Belle?

LL&B: La La is myself a name made up by by niece which stuck with everyone! Belle is my beautiful 6 year old Shih Tzu, the apple of my eye 🙂

AoD: What was the inspiration behind LL&B?

LL&B: Belle is an extremely fussy eater and at the time shop bought treats was so difficult to buy knowing what was “healthy and safe” so my mother suggested as I baked a lot why not give it a go?

AoD: What makes you different from other dog bakeries?

LL&B: All my treats are veggie and I have some vegan customers which is great, I like to make my treats look really appealing to the owners as well as I like them to stand out, to be fun and be a bit fabulous!

AoD: Why is it important to you to use such high quality ingredients?

LL&B: I only want to feed dogs what I feed my own, I want people to come back to me happy and satisfied that they are feeding their fur babies good treats.

AoD: Do you offer grain free options?

LL&B: I do offer grain free also gluten free & dairy free vegan, I am happy to change things around for a pooch with special requirements!

AoD: Which items are you best sellers?

LL&B: Thats hard to say as most order selection boxes/ mutt boxes which have a good variety. If I had to choose then maybe new with cheese. 

AoD: Do you offer baked goods for occasions such as birthdays?

LL&B: Absolutely 🙂 birthday cakes, birthday baskets & birthday selection boxes! We have something for all budgets.

AoD: Anything else you’d like to tell us about La La and Belle’s to finish?

LL&B: It has been the making of me mentally and emotionally, I feel happy that I’m doing something where i can be creative and something that I love. I have big plans for La la & Belle in so many ways and I’m excited for the future!

Becky (or La La) very kindly send us a box of Sweet Potato Puppies to sample (just incase we’d forgotten how much we loved all her treats at Paws in the Park!). Firstly, they must’ve smelt great because naughty Eve stole the box from Mum’s bag and tried to bite her way in. Luckily for us, and this post, she wasn’t quite quick enough! Despite the rather large bite marks, the contents of the box remained intact. As you can see from the pictures, our biscuits were beautifully packaged, something you rarely see with treats which according to our hooman added a real luxury feel to our special delivery. Quite honestly, we couldn’t give a monkey’s about the packaging, we just wanted to eat the damn biscuits! Since we were at Grandma’s we decided (Mum made us) to share our goodies with Des and Eve and all four of us demolished our biscuits in record time. Even Des who is our resident fusspot which speaks volume about the quality of Lala and Belle treats! We are already deciding what we’ll be ordering next, I’ve got my eye on the carrot and honey scones personally, what kind of British dog doesn’t like scones?

You can browse all the delicious offerings from La La and Belle on their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with their latest news, competitions and special offers!



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