A Day At Dog Fest with… Ellie and Fudge!

Hi everyone! I’m Ellie, the human behind my Tibetan Terrier Fudge’s Instagram account @myfriendfudge.I was very kindly invited to write a guest blog all about my experience at Dog Fest North at Arley Hall on the 17th June 2017. And what an experience it was!

Fudge and I set off bright and early on the warm summer’s morning. We are lucky enough to only live a very short drive away from Arley Hall and Gardens so when we got into our car, we assumed we would arrive in around fifteen minutes. However, this was not the case and our short journey transformed into sitting in traffic for almost two hours! Poor Fudge was quite hot and bothered by the time we finally arrived and I was pretty fed up.

We were soon cheered up when we met up with our good friends, Ellie and Amber (from @cheshirecanine on Instagram) Fudge and Amber were so excited to see each other, they were whining so much and their tails were wagging to the point that I thought they might fall off! Luckily, we adverted that potential catastrophe as we began to walk into the main event.

We were finally here!

All four of us were extremely eager to get out and make the most of the day! The weather was scorching hot with gorgeous blue skies. Every dog in sight was participating in #TongueOutTuesday even though it was a Saturday! The atmosphere was electric. There was so much going on, it was bustling. The day had begun…

Our first stop was the show ring. Fudge and I were really lucky and Fudge was chosen as a finalist to be a cover star for the Dogs Today magazine! We were joined by our new friends Amy and Maple (from @adorablecockers on Instagram) in the show ring. Both dogs did amazingly well and posed lovely for the photographer. We had lots of support from outside the ring from Ellie and Amber and Amy’s other dog Hunter! Unfortunately, neither of us won but we all had lots of fun and the dog that won was a worthy winner!image1 (15)

After the show ring, I went exploring the shops with Ellie and Amy and all our dogs. We were lucky enough to bump into the cute pups behind @bilbobagginsthespringer and @littlepaddingtonbear. We had a great chat as the dogs happily met each other.

As we were walking around the shops, a colourful display from the Wiff Waff Designs stall caught my attention. I of course just HAD to have a look. I ended up purchasing a lovely green, blue and white patterned collar, lead and bandana set because of course, Fudge’s wardrobe is so sparse… Fudge looked so dapper in their products, I just had to snap a photo.

We all thought then that it was high time we went to visit our friends over at the Guru Pet Food stand. Fudge and I had such a warm welcome from the great team of Geeksters, Fudge especially, he got lots of attention! Fudge got a sample of their Surf & Turf food and a Trip Bone and he was very happy. He loved being the centre of attention whilst he posed on the Guru chairs. Fudge particularly loved the special space the team made just for him and Amber on their shelf. He posed up there long after I had put my camera away! Our lovely visit to the Guru stand was definitely the highlight of our experience at Dog Fest.image1 (13).JPG

Our last stop of the day was at the Woof and Brew van. They were great and were excited to see us all. Ellie and I bought bottles of “Pawsecco” for Fudge and Amber and they even got to pose on a cute bench with their bottles. (Don’t worry, there was no alcohol in the drinks, I know Amber and Fudge are both under eighteen!)

Regrettably, we decided to leave Dog Fest earlier than we had planned. The temperature had soared to 30 degrees (and yes that is unbearably hot for us Brits) and poor Amber and Fudge were not faring too well. Ellie and I thought it was best to call it a day before the dogs got too hot.

image1 (14)

All in all, Fudge and I had a wonderful day at Dog Fest North. We met up with old friends and new and Fudge got lots of new things. Fudge and I are looking forward for Dog Fest next year, we are sure it will be even better!

Now, if only we were going to Dog Fest South…










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