A Day With…. Spaniel Life and Springador Adventures

Last Sunday we were at a bit of a loose end, we had been stuck at home for most of the week while Mum caught up with orders so when our friends Lily and Sev (who are also fellow bloggers www.stephandthespaniels.com) suggested a day out we were raring to go! Even better still, our new pals Polly and Basil came along for an adventure too – we made quite the pack!  First stop was Somerset Lavender Farm,  Mum hoped that the beautiful scent might send us all to sleep but it seemed that may have been wishful thinking on her part. We got down to doing what we all do best, posing for photos of course! The lavender made a beautiful backdrop for some portraits and our pastel prints from SuperPuppies complimented the gentle purple colour perfectly. Rhapsody’s height was a small issue, her photos ended up being slightly more dirt than actual lavender. #smalldogproblems

On our way out our hooman popped into the cafe to pick up some lavender baked goods, she chose some shortbread and a couple of scones and we can confirm that the general consensus was that both were delicious! 

After our photoshoot we headed our for a spot of lunch, at a dog friendly pub of course! All us pooches settled down under the table for a much earned break and allowed our hoomans to enjoy their grub. Having six dogs and just three people around a table may sound like it would be absolute chaos but I am happy to report that we were all on our best behaviour and didn’t embarrass them once, bar Polly eating her chew too fast and vomiting it back up. Oops.

Following lunch we popped into Bradford-upon-Avon to visit Doghouse pet shop. The shop has recently rebranded and moved to new premises, armed with Mum’s credit card we were very keen to see what they had to offer! We were thrilled to find that they stocked a number of our favourite brands including Made for Mutts, Kong, Hurtta and Lily’s Kitchen to name just a few! Even more excitingly, the new shop also has a cafe serving snacks and drinks for both hooman and canine customers – we all turned on the puppy-dog eyes and before we knew it Puppyccinos were served! Of course, being Insta-dogs, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity for an impromptu photo shoot, much to the amusement of the general public! IMG_36711IMG_36771IMG_36801IMG_36871IMG_36941IMG_37231IMG_37371IMG_37431

After a bit of shopping and many Puppyccinos, we headed down to the river to cool off and enjoy our Frozzys doggy ice cream we picked up at Doghouse. It’s not my cup of tea personally but everyone else gave their Frozzys two big paws up! The hoomans were struggling to keep up so we allowed them a quick re-hydration stop on the way back to the car, this time we popped into the bar area of a local dog friendly hotel where we were met with cries of  “Oh aren’t they good!” as all six of us crashed under and around the table.

We simply had the best day with our friends, all six of us got on like on house on fire and respected each other’s boundaries which meant not one cross word had to be had. Thanks to Lily and Sev for showing us around their local area and favourite dog friendly haunts, we can’t wait to repay the favour soon!IMG_37561


Colin, Rhapsody, Lily and Sev wear collars and bows from SuperPuppies London.

Polly and Basil wear collars from Devil Dood Designs.

All group shots and photos from Doghouse were taken by Stephanie Dreams Photography.


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