Small Business Spotlight: SuperPuppies London

This week’s Small Business Spotlight was scheduled to feature Snuffle Mats but due to a family emergency we’ve had to postpone it until next week. Thankfully we have a number of fantastic companies we’d love to share with you and the wonderful SuperPuppies have stepped in to save the day! Here to tell you more about this fabulous new company is their founder, Gian.

Hi Gian, thanks for joining us. First, what inspired you to start SuperPuppies London?

I absolutely love dogs. I grew up in a small countryside town in Italy and ever since I was a little boy I’ve been lucky to be engaged with them – I do remember crying when going on vacation and leaving my dog at a family friend’s house for 2 weeks.

In January 2017 I launched SuperPuppies from my small London studio with the vision to become a global brand anchored by creativity & sense of community. Having earned a Master’s degree in Marketing and worked for a well-known Italian fashion brand, I utilised my background to create an eclectic, romantic, and above all contemporary, collection of dog leashes, collars and bowties. I truly believe SuperPuppies defines the concept of dog elegance through the use of innovative patterns that reflects current and future fashions.

What sets you apart from other pet accessory companies?

Creativity & sense of community. Our goal is to create pieces that will delight dogs and their owners immediately, everywhere in the world. Our customers can expect to receive a unique, handmade piece with style and quality in mind.

Being an eCommerce only company, we engage extensively with our followers, mainly on Instagram, to make them feel part of an exclusive online community as well as to get their feedback on upcoming collections, shows, etc. On this topic, I should thank you for giving us some invaluable tips & sharing your experience in regards to the best dog shows to attend. We’ve also recently launched the SuperPuppies Ambassador program which I’m really proud of. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us to partner with Instagram influencers and get SuperPuppies spread across the social media.

Which is your most popular SuperSet?

It has to be Flamingo. This SuperSet earned it’s way extremely quickly. It was a rainy afternoon in London, I remember searching for new fabrics and came across this Flamingo pattern – it was love at first sight. In two weeks time, we went from selecting the highest-quality fabric to shooting the final product and making the first Instagram post announcing this special & limited edition. Feedback was overwhelming and so rewarding too!

Which is your personal favorite SuperSet and why?

This a really good question and a difficult one for me to answer. We currently have 27 SuperSets on, it took us quite a lot of time to select each fabric and decide to sell. I truly love all of them but If I’ve to give you a name, it has to be Herbie from our Essential collection and Hawaii from the Spring Summer (I know, I gave you two names but I said it was hard to give you only one). 

What can we look forwards to seeing from SuperPuppies London in the future?

Love this question too. SuperPuppies is only 6 months old and we’ve so many awesome things in the pipeline which we’re looking forward to sharing. As of today, I can say that we’re preparing for the launch of our first harness collection – we had so many requests that we really want to satisfy. Also, we are thinking about launching our first subscription box of luxury toys, treats & surprise gifts. More to come on this!

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

There’s a quote from Oprah Winfrey that really describes what we do at SuperPuppies; “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you”. All SuperPuppies items are individually handcrafted with love and you can’t believe how happy we are every time we see a dog wearing our products. 

Doodle Review: SuperPuppies London SuperSets

To say our Mum has an accessory problem would be a mild understatement so when we first dicovered SuperPuppies at the National Pet Show in May we were impressed by their fresh new prints and quality build of their accessories. We aptly followed them on social media and when they announced their Brand Ambassador search we knew we just had to entered. To say we were thrilled when we were chosen would be an understatement, when our postman delivered our first box I’m pretty sure Mum did an actual happy dance. Our first sets were Katie and Aqua, both gorgeous floral prints perfect for the summer! Mum had fallen in love with the Aqua SuperSet when we’d seen it at NPS and once it was on me it was confirmed, it was love! Not only were the prints beautiful but the metal hardware and soft feel of the collars and leads give the SuperSets a real luxury feel. Both of us wear a medium in the Aqua and Katie sets – check out the size of those statement bows! Mum can be very fussy about the bows we wear, lots lose their shape very quickly and no one likes a floppy bow! Due to the double layer design of the SuperPuppies bows they hold up very well to adventures – we’ve worn ours day in and day out for weeks and they still look as good as new!

Our second box of SuperSets arrived a couple of weeks ago, this time the contents were a complete surprise and we were thrilled with what the SuperPuppies team had chosen for us! My second set was the adorable Bonnie and Rhapsody received the equally cute Indie which coordinate perfectly, as is essential when you have a Mum with accessory OCD. This time Rhapsody received a smaller size, we felt the bow was a little oversized on her Katie set – very cute for photos but a little large for everyday wear! Her Indie set is a size small and the smaller bow is perfect for daily use.  Another exciting development with our latest sets is that all the hardware is now engraved with the SuperPuppies logo – how cool is that?! We must again mention how soft our SuperSets are, our hooman worries about harsh edges on collars as they can damage our delicate hair and the SuperPuupies collars must be the softest we own. She said she has no complaints about how comfortable the leads are to hold either!

About a week ago we received our latest SuperPuppies package, Mum ordered us harnesses to go with our SuperSets – I told you, she has accessory OCD! As the first pups to try out the SuperPuppies harness design we were very excited to help trial their latest product. Their harnesses are made in the same beautiful fabrics with the same padded feel to the straps as their collars and leads, they are both comfortable and fashionable! Unfortunately harnesses are hard to photograph on our fluffy little bodies, you can just about see Colin’s in the photo of the two of us below!
Overall it’s fair to say that we LOVE all our SuperSets from SuperPuppies and could not recommend them highly enough! The combination of their unique prints and outstanding build quality means these should be a staple in every stylish hound’s wardrobe.

You can use our code DOODLES20 to save 20% off your very own SuperSets available exclusively on the SuperPuppies website here – we can’t wait to see which gorgeous set you choose!

Follow SuperPuppies London on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with their latest news, offers and cute pictures, including lots of their adorable Brand Reps (including yours truly!).


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