Small Business Spotlight: Faerytails

This week’s Small Business Spotlight features a dog bakery called Faerytails. Faerytails make everything from doggy birthday cakes to training treats, all using wholesome ingredients and no nasty additives. Previously we have tried their liver cake, cookies, pup stars and cookie pops and we loved them all so we are thrilled to able to feature them! Here to tell you a little more about the Faerytails story is Cia,

Hi Cia, thank you for joining us. What was the inspiration behind Faerytails?

I’ve been baking since I could hold a whisk and always baked cakes for people, so when it came to my dogs’ birthdays it seemed right to make them cakes too. I adopted Roxie from the Bernese club of GB’s rescue and she didn’t have the best of starts. We’re members of a few of the breed groups on Facebook and we normally make an event for birthdays, so everyone wish the dogs a happy birthday on their day. When I set one up for Roxie, we got quite a few actually wanting to come along, so had people from all over the country showing up for my little girl’s birthday at Elvaston castle, as they all knew her story. As a Southern Swede, you can’t have a party without a bunch of baked goods and obviously the dogs needed some too. All the dogs went a bit crazy for the treats, and I was asked if I would consider making them to sell and it kind of snowballed from there. 

We had a princess at a castle, with a happy ever after, that’s the stuff Faerytails are made of right? 14238127_541453409380649_9028027691750686349_n.jpg

What makes you different from other dog bakeries?

We are 100% wheat free. One of my guys is allergic to wheat, among a lot of other things, so from day one that was something that was important to me, as well as the only oil used in any of our treats is coconut oil. 

We make all our colourings ourselves, using only vegetables, berries and plant extracts, so instead of adding nasties, we’re adding vitamins.

Why is it important to you to use such high quality ingredients?

I am really particular with what I give my dogs and I wouldn’t feel right making things for other people’s dogs that I wouldn’t give my own.

We get our free range eggs straight from a local farm and our oats straight from the mill, which means they’re as fresh as possible. 

Do you offer treats suitable for dogs with allergies and intolerances?

Absolutely. We will work with the owners to find the best solution for their dog. 

Which items are you best sellers?

Our birthday cakes and packages are always popular. The loaf cakes are quite new and has been a big hit, especially for dogs that need a softer treat. Our Pup stars and Cookie pops are really popular for training treats.

Flavour wise, our top sellers are Tuna, Lamb liver, Peanut butter & Banana and our 2 new additions Apple & Cheese and Cheeseburger.

Do you offer baked goods for occasions such as birthdays?

Birthdays and celebrations are one of our specialities. We sent out our 700th personalised cake this week. We have everything from personalised cakes and cookies to edible bunting and tags, as well as goody bags and party food. Our cakes comes in sizes from Mini to XXL in a large variety of shapes, colours and flavours, so there is something to suit everyone. We also offer a grain free cake for those on a grain free diet. 

I love Christmas, so we’ve got a great selection planned for this year. We started getting pre bookings for this year’s Advent calendars in December last year, so we must be doing something right. 

Anything else you’d like to tell us about Faerytails?

Helping dogs in need is a big part of what we do. We’re proud sponsors of Street dogs matter, who helps dogs who’s owners are homeless, as well as doing monthly donations of vouchers to rescues to help with their fundraising. So far this year we’ve sent out over 40 donations, something we wouldn’t have been able to do without our awesome customers. 

Doodle Review: Faerytails Loaf Cakes

Faerytails packages should come with a warning to your postman. Seriously. I think frequency of postman-dog incidents will rise once the dogs of Great Britain discover the wonder of Faerytails. Before Mum even opened the box we were going absolutely nuts (luckily she had the forsight to protect our lovely postman by sending us outside while he handed over the goods). We’ve always love the smell of all our Faerytails packages and this one was no different. Our magical package contained not one, not two but THREE loaf cakes – we were spoilt for choice!

The basic ingredients in the cakes are; eggs, oat flour, coconut oil and water and then, in the case of our three cakes, either sardines, chicken liver or lamb liver are added. By now I’m sure you all know how fussy Mum is about what she feeds us so she loves that fact that all Faerytails treat contain so few ingredients and nothing nasty! The cakes we received are the new smaller loaf size, about 2/3 of their full loaf size.

Clearly we loved all three cakes but unfortunately that does help you decide which one you should order! To help you out we decided to do a taste test to see which of the three cakes we each preferred. Mum gave us a small piece of each of the cakes and let us decide for ourselves! From left to right the cakes are sardine, lamb liver and chicken liver.

Well that got us no closer. Let’s be honest, all we achieved there was filling our bellies and showing you that all three cakes were great and you should order a selection! Luckily for you, next Sunday (the 4th of August) you could get three loaf cakes for just £10 at the Doggy Delights August Market Night! Click here to check out some of the other items available and how to claim this awesome offer! You could also buy any single cake for just £4, but honestly, we don’t know how you’d chose between them! The cakes retail at £7 each so this is truely a great bargain. Even at full price you get an awful lot of treat for your money, the cakes can also be frozen in portions so you don’t have to eat it all at once (although we recommend that you definitely do!).

You can check out all the delicious offerings from Faerytails on their website here – we highly recommend their cookie pops for a first time taster as well as their cakes, they’re the perfect training treats! If you order this evening (Sunday the 30th of July) you can use the code CELEBRATE to save 10% on all their treats!

You can also follow Faerytails and their gorgeous four legged gang on FacebookInstagram and Twitter for lots of cute and, more importantly, mouth watering photos!


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