Small Business Spotlight: Wild Paws

This week’s Small Business Spotlight is a special one for us as it also coincided with Colin’s third birthday! For this reason we chose to feature the wonderful Wild Paws who, alongside many other fabulous products, sell doggy Birthday Boxes! More about those later, for now, here’s Catherine to tell you a little more about WildPaws,

Hi Catherine, thanks for joining us, the first thing we are sure all our reader are desperate to know is how did WildPaws start?
In the summer of 2014, we took our Jack Russell, Wilbur, away for a short break to Oxfordshire for his birthday. It was his first time coming away with us and we all absolutely loved it! Both of us have always been big photography lovers so we took our camera with us. Strolling around the beautiful countryside taking lots of snaps of Wilbur – it was a dream come true. We started wondering what it would be like to become pet photographers for a living. Photography and animals: our two favourite things! What started out as a dream came into fruition in 2015 with the help of the Prince’s Trust, so here we are… What makes you different from other online pet shops?
We pride ourselves on only stocking the best quality treats, toys and accessories for your pets. We don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t give to our own pets and a lot of our products are pawsonally approved by them too. Just last week we did a ‘Live Taste Test’ on Facebook with our two dogs, Wilbur & Paisley, for a new chew called ‘Yakers’. It’s made from Himalayan Yak’s Milk and claims to be a long-lasting chew. We had a great response to it as a lot of customers had been wondering how durable they really were and they were able to see for themselves before buying. We are hoping to do many more!
We are a family-run business and we love to get to know all of our customers. Some of whom have travelled far and wide to come and see us at dog festivals! Wilbur & Paisley are the faces of WildPaws and they have a lot of fans. We love to portray their fun-loving characters in our posts!

What is your best selling product?
I would probably have to say that it’s currently the Pure treats by JR Pet Products! They are made from 100% pure fresh meat and come in 8 different tasty flavours. We originally started stocking these as they were a favourite of Wilbur & Paisley’s and it seems that our customers love them too. They are also a family-run company and have just been nominated for Pet Product of the Year 2017.
What is your favourite brand you stock and why?
We love so many of them but we would have to say Lily’s Kitchen. We’ve always been huge fans of theirs since before we even began WildPaws and we were so excited when they told us that we could become stockists. Wilbur is our first ever dog and with no dogs in my family, and my partner’s dog passing away when he was a baby – we didn’t know much about dog food when we first got Wilbur. We quickly learned and, after a bad spell with a not-so-great dog food, we did some research into it. We eventually settled on Lily’s Kitchen and we haven’t gone back! Wilbur used to hate meal times and now it’s one of his favourite parts of the day! Paisley has been on it since we brought her home at 8 weeks old.
Why do we love Lily’s Kitchen? We love their brand ethics – they always make the highest quality treats and food and they care about their customers. We also love the fact that they’re always bringing out new and unique recipes. From Great British Breakfast with venison sausage meat and egg, Coronation Chicken with cranberries and apricots to their Natural Snack Bars – there’s so much to choose from!
 Which is your personal favourite product and why?
Tough question – I’m not sure I can really answer that but I’m sure Wilbur & Paisley and our two bunnies can! Wilbur’s ultimate favourite is the Kong Squeezz ball – it’s the only ball he will play with in the park! It’s squeaky and has an unpredictable bounce – what’s not to love? They’re also very durable, they have a recessed squeaker and continue to squeak even when punctured.

Paisley’s favourite is a toss-up between the Kong Funzler and antlers. She’s an absolute antler addict and will quite happily sit down to have a chewing session all day until it’s gone! There’s just one thing that she loves more than antlers and that is football – I blame her Daddy for this! He has been playing football in the park with her since she could go out for walks and she is actually obsessed. She will drop a ball at your feet and nudge it to you to kick – just the other day she boycotted a football match running in between the players and tackling them (with a ball already in her mouth)! We went away slightly red-faced… The Funzler is perfect for her as it’s big, fluffy and football shaped. It’s lasted us almost 2 years now with a lot of play and not one bit of it has been de-stuffed. It’s perfect for big and small dogs as it has handles on it for the little ones to pick up with their mouths. Paisley often takes it to bed with her!

Our two bunnies, Miles & Lily, love all of the Rosewood goodies. They love the Carrot Toy ‘n’ Treat Holder as we hide treats under the carrots and they love to forage for them. A real favourite is the Fenugreek Crunchies, they will jump up to get them and used to crowd around me with our two guinea pigs, Penny & Orson (who have sadly passed) to get one each.

What does the future hold for WildPaws?
We have some exciting new things on the horizon. We can’t go into too much detail just yet but we have a brand new product of our own which we are hoping to launch next year – it is a must-have for all dog lovers! We also have lots of new products arriving in daily. 
 Our dream is to have our own physical pet shop – the ultimate shop for pets! We’re slowly growing each day so fingers and paws crossed that this dream too can become a reality…

Anything else you’d like to tell us about WildPaws?
Did you know that we also do pet photography and videography? We are currently filming a Guinness World Record attempt for the longest ever doga (dog yoga) session. If you’d like your pet event filmed or your gorgeous pup photographed – get in touch. We even do personalised cards with your pet’s photo on –  just like Colin’s birthday card! These are a popular choice for Christmas cards – perfect for business owners or even as your own personal ones to send out to friends and family. We will create it all to your design & wording!

Doodle Review: WildPaws Birthday Box
This week, as it was rather a special one is our house, WildPaws sent us the perfect product to review, my very own Birthday Box! Available from their website for just £14.99 each box comes with an exciting toy, a box of yummy treats and a gorgeous personalised birthday card, beautifully presented in a stylish gold gift box. What better for a dog that has everything than a surprise present?

As WildPaws only stock the most reputable brands you needn’t worry about the quality of the items inside your box. Unlike other subscription style boxes we have tried, both items in our box were just perfect. A tough, plush Kong Critter Pillows toy and delicious Pure Venison sticks from JR Pet Products, plus you get a personalised card with your face on it – how cool is that?!

As you can see my new toy was a big hit, I love anything soft and furry but can be a little destructive at times and many-a-toy has ended up needing multiple surgeries and limb reattachments! Luckily, Kong toys usually stand up pretty well to the beatings we give them and Rhapsody’s cheeky nibbles when she thinks nobody is watching. So far, so good for my Critter Pillow – we will keep you updated on how long it lasts!

Next came my treats. Now, since this was MY birthday box I assumed they’d be all mine but Mum made me share. Rude, right? JR Pet Products’ Pure Venison sticks are just that, 100% pure, dried venison and boy they were good! They fit perfectly into our raw diet as they contain no nasties and can be used either as whole sticks or chopped up into tiny pieces for training treats – I defy anyone to resist a command when these are on offer!

Finally, Mum’s favourite part of my box, my birthday card! In every Birthday Box WildPaws include a personalised birthday card, all your humans have to do is send them their favourite photos and choice of wording and voila, job done! We think this is a really special touch to the box and sets it apart from others offering a similar product.
I loved my birthday box from WildPaws, even if I did have to share MY treats, but our love for them does not stop there! Over the last few months we have had a harness, two jumpers and lots of treats including an advent calendar from WildPaws, all from great brands at a great price. If you’re looking for brands you can trust at a great price alongside some of their own high quality products then WildPaws in the place for you!

You can shop now via their website and keep up with all the latest offers and products via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, not forgetting lots of gorgeous pictures of Wilbur and Paisley! You can also check out their blog which has lots of products reviews, dog friendly recommendations and gives a great insight into life at WildPaws!


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