Rhapsody’s Glamping Wardrobe

Some of you my have noticed in the photos of our glamping adventure in Lancashire that our little Rhapsody has amassed rather a collection of jumpers and coats recently. This is not simply because I like to accessorize her (which of course I do) but because as a small dog with very low body fat, and a fairly short clip, she is pretty susceptible to the cold. Last winter she was ill for a number of weeks following a particularly chilly beach trip so this year I am not taking any chance with her health. Lots of you have been asking about her various outfits so I thought I would take you through our favourites! Of course, Colin also features, his love for all things wet and muddy is usually why he wears jumpers/coats as he likes to get absolutely soaked and then act like he’s got hypothermia. Continue reading


Small Business Spotlight: Ruffle Snuffle

As we return from our brief hiatus we have the pleasure of bringing you a Small Business Spotlight featuring the fabulous Ruffle Snuffle® owned and run by Sarah White who might just be the most inspiring person we’ve ever had the pleasure of featuring. Without giving too much away, this tenacious business woman has fought an incredible personal battle in order to keep her business, and with it her dream, alive. We are absolutely honoured to be able to share her story with you so, without future ado, I would love to introduce to you to the wonderful Sarah! Continue reading

Top Tips for Glamping with Dogs

Last week we embarked on a brand new adventure – glamping. As a big fan of my warm bed, running water and other creature comforts, camping has never really appealed to me and, while it is a great way to explore the country on a budget, with dogs it just seemed more effort that it’s worth! Luckily, when perusing the internet one evening, I came across Stanley Villa Farm Camping pods in Lancashire and before we knew it we had packed the dogs into the car and we were off. Of course, an adventure like glamping would not be complete without pals to share it with so we were joined by the dogs’ best gal pal, Tilly and her human Amy. We had the best few days exploring the Lancashire countryside, meeting new friends and generally causing chaos wherever we went! More on the glamping pods and our many adventures later, this post is our top ten tips for glamping with dogs – hopefully a guide that will persuade a few of you that it’s a great (and cheap) alternative to hotels or holiday rentals, it’s definitely an experience we’ll never forget! Continue reading