Small Business Spotlight: Sylvade – Doggie Robes and Dickie Bows

I know we are a couple of days late this week but hey, better late than never! This Small Business Spotlight features the wonderful Sylvade – Doggie Robes and Dicky Bows who make a huge range of fantastic dog accessories. Here to tell you more about this great brand is the lady behind it all, Sylvia.

Hi Sylvie, thanks for joining us. What was the inspiration behind Sylvade – Dog Robes and Dicky Bows?

We were inspired to start Sylvade after a couple of friends asked us to make some towelling coats for their dogs to use after they had been swimming and then other people started asking so we decided to start making them to sell and people asked for other things and it all snowballed from there!

A Sylvade towelling coat

Do you offer a made to measure service?

All of our items can be made to measure and most can also be personalised by embroidering with the dogs name as well.

Which items are you best sellers?

Our best sellers are the towelling coats and the all in one suits.

Which is your personal favourite item you sell?

My personal favourite is our Christmas dickie bow.

Do you have any exciting products coming up for Halloween or Christmas?

Unfortunately this year we will not be bringing out anything new as we have both been so busy but the usual favourites will all be available! We have also just released our newest make which is a collar with the name and phone number embroidered on which can also be made with a matching lead!

Anything else you’d like to tell us about Sylvade?

We really love seeing our followers lovely dogs and look forward to even more success next year!

Doodle Review: Sylvade All-in-one suits

The winter is a tricky time for us Doodles. All that mud and water and the hoomans expect us to stay out of it! Apparently our hair traps all the dirt in it and then deposits it all over Mum’s house (not like it’s ever that clean anyway). So stay away from the mud I hear you say? Well where is the fun in that!? We’ve looked at a number of different options to help reduce the amount of mud traipsed around our house, most body suit options we’ve found are either fleece or thick coat material – great for when it’s super cold but when it’s just wet and muddy they’d just be too hot! Then we came across Sylvade and all our prayers were answered, all-in-one waterproof suits made of just one layer of waterproof material!

The all-in-one suits are perfect for the mud but also in the rain, Poodles and Doodles do not have waterproof coats naturally like some other breeds and they tend to stay wet for a very long time. They also get very cold when wet due to the single-coated nature of their coats.

Our suits were made to measure, we’re both a little bit funny shaped with long skinny bodies and long legs so we really struggled to find any suits of the rack, as such. Sylvie took all our measurements before making our suits and as a result they fit perfectly! The suits have a Velcro closure under the chest which means that they are easy to get on and off but also fit close to the body. The bottom of the legs are elasticated to stop muddy legs and they even have a snood, great for keeping ‘fros and ears dry when it’s raining!

There are a number of walks around us that are well known for being seriously muddy. As in, part of the walk is actually a marsh. We thought this would be the perfect place to test out our new suits! Now, I’m not going to lie to you, at first, I was not a fan of the suit. In fact, in the house I refused to move. At all. Usually we would suggest letting dogs become accustomed to their new attire before taking them out in it but in this case it just was not happening so Mum decided to just bite the bullet and take us out in them. Luckily, as soon as we got to the Common I decided that a walk in the suit was better than staying in the car. It took all of about 30 seconds for me to get over the fact I was wearing it.

At first we were slightly concerned that the suits would restrict our movement but we are pleased to report that all forms of running, jumping and playing were not at all hindered by our new suits. The best thing about testing these suits was that Mum gave us permission to get as wet and muddy as possible! We went in the puddles, in the streams, in the marsh – as you can see in the pictures we were filthy!

To be honest with you, Mum was dreading getting back to the car to finding all sorts of mud and debris up the legs of our suits but much to her surprise the elasticated legs had done their job – not a drop of mud to be found. Of course, our feet were still pretty gross but everything above the ankle was clean as a whistle!

Overall we have been seriously impressed with the quality of our suits from Sylvade – for the days when Mum really doesn’t want us getting all wet and muddy they’ll be absolutely perfect! The Sylvade all-in-one waterproof suits start at just £12 (up to £18 for an XL size) plus P&P.

Sylvade don’t only do waterproof all-in-ones, they also do a huge range of coats, drying robes, dickie bows and other accessories all for very reasonable prices. You can check out all their products on their website here. They also take regularly part in the Doggy Delights Market Nights when you can take advantage of their products at even cheaper prices – to keep up to date with the events they are taking part in you can also follow their page on Facebook.


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