Small Business Spotlight: Peach & Pooch

Welcome all to this week’s Small Business Spotlight, we have another fantastic accessory company for you this week – the wonderful Peach & Pooch. Peach & Pooch is run by the lovely Emily Ong who not only makes all the accessories but also designs all her own prints. Her accessories are truly unique and we cannot wait to show you what she sent us. For now, I am going to hand you over to Emily to tell you all more about her business, Peach & Pooch!

What was the inspiration behind Peach & Pooch?

 I always wanted to start up my own business, and when my little pooch, Margo, came in to my life, I started making and drawing fun designs for her. I had really good feedback from people who saw my examples, and so decided to follow my dreams and take the plunge with Peach & Pooch!

We love that you design all your own fabrics, how did you get started?

My background is in Textile Design and Weave, so I’ve always had creative projects on the go. I start doodling, and build ideas from there! The more you draw, the more ideas can develop. I create fresh and quirky designs, like my Scoot Scoot Panda (who has seen a panda on a scooter on a collar before?) My style is quite playful and fun, I like bright colours and happy little characters! 

I’m hugely passionate about taking my designs from fabric to finish. For me, the fabric design element of my products is as important as functionality. I’m really proud to say that all my products are exclusive to Peach & Pooch, fully designed and handmade in Yorkshire.

Which is your favourite design?

 It’s so hard to choose! I love all the Dinos. It was one of my original designs and I’ve developed a number of colour combinations because it has just been so popular, as well as being suitable for both girls and boys. I’ve got a soft spot for Pumpkin Peach at the moment too; those guys just look so happy that it’s autumn.

Which is your best selling design?

Tumble Panda and Dinos are both really popular!

Tell us more about your new water resistant range!

Margo absolutely loves water and getting herself mucky, so I understand dog owners sometimes need products that are going to withstand mucky pups’ antics. My water resistant range is colourful and durable yet still luxurious, but a bit more hardwearing and quick drying for adventurous pups. You can now choose water resistant for all your accessories, as well as your collars and leads. I’m really pleased that I now offer both soft, luxurious cotton products and water resistant products to pet owners!

What’s the best thing about running your own small business?

It’s great to be able to do something I’m passionate about. It is quite scary taking the plunge and it is a lot of hard work and commitment, but it has been absolutely worth it so far. Life is too short to do something you don’t enjoy, so if anyone reading is thinking about following their dream, just go for it! You don’t know unless you try!

What does the future hold for Peach and Pooch?

I only started Peach & Pooch this summer, but I hope it will continue to grow and develop. I’ve always got new designs and products on the go, so keep a look out for new products launching for Christmas!!

Doodle Review: Peach & Pooch Halloween Bandanas and Water Resistant Accessories

Emily very kindly send us a range of her gorgeous accessories to put to the doodle test, namely two bandanas from her Halloween range and a collar and bow tie from her new Water Resistant range. First up we have our adorable Halloween bandanas. Now, we aren’t huge Halloween fans in this house, not because we don’t like the idea of Halloween but Mum just hates the tacky rubbish that comes with it! Plus, I don’t do costumes. Clothing must be functional or not worn at all. Anyway, this year we were determined to find some tasteful Halloween accessories and the range from Peach & Pooch hits the spot. Emily has designed no less than seven different Halloween patterns and each one is just as cute as the last! We love the fact that most of the designs don’t include loads of black (lots of black a big no-no for brown dogs) which a lot of Halloween designs do! I received the Pumpkin Peach bandana in a size medium which fit perfectly!

The Peach & Pooch bandanas slide easily onto any collar and sit very nicely with very little need for adjustment. The high quality of the material also means that the bandanas do not bunch up on the collars as many over-the-collar bandanas do. Just incase Emily’s prints weren’t cute enough, you can also add a fancy edging (in this case a pom pom but varies by design) to any of her bandanas for just an extra pound- just when you thought they couldn’t be any cuter?! Rhapsody wear the Who Says Boo! bandana with fancy edging in a size small.

Our second pair of accessories from Peach & Pooch were from their new Water Resistant range, a collar for Rhapsody and a bow tie for me. Mum absolutely loves the idea of a Water Resistant range as we have been known to destroy a collar (or half a dozen) so this was the perfect range for us to test! Emily sent me a Disco Dino bow tie in a size medium and I was determined to put it through it’s paces – usually Mum removes my bow ties before I go swimming or anywhere near any mud so it was fabulous to still be able to look dapper while causing chaos! I am pleased to announce that after half an hour of constant swimming and mud wallowing my Disco Dino bow tie looked none the worse for wear, in fact, I’m willing to bet you thought the photo of it below was taken before I got it well. Well, I’ve got news for you Mum forgot to do a photo of it before so that was taken AFTER all the others!

Miss Rhapsody was given the lucky job of testing a Water Resistant Peach & Pooch collar. The collar Emily chose for her was the adorable Turquoise Fresh & Floral collar in size Tenny Tiny (yes that is actually what the size is called!) 16mm width. We love that P&P sizes go so small, we can often struggle to find collars that are both adventure-proof and small enough as ‘outdoorsey’ brands tend to cater to big dogs. Don’t worry big dogs, our pal Kevin is a Peach & Pooch brand ambassador so they definitely make big dog accessories too! Rhapsody didn’t put her collar to the test in quite the same extreme way as I did however, it has been pretty wet and gross since out photo shoot and her collar still looks as good as new! The best thing about the Water Resistant range is that it is available in almost every pattern that Peach & Pooch sell, whether you fancy Tumbling Pandas or Dancing Dinosaurs you can be sure that your Peach & Pooch accessories are adventure ready!

Overall we have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of our Peach & Pooch accessories and would definitely recommend their Water Resistant range to anyone who’s pooch is particular to a spot of mud bathing! The fact that Emily designs all her own fabrics is just amazing and means that you’re buying a totally unique product that you will not find anywhere else! In addition to the bow tie, bandanas and collar that we’ve featured Emily also does leads and harnesses in a huge range of different designs – we personally absolutely love her ocean based designs (eagle-eyed readers will have noticed our Shark Attack and Gone Fishing collar on our recent Glamping Trip).

You can buy Peach & Pooch accessories exclusively from their website, and Etsy store. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram – keep an eye out for their Christmas designs, you can guarantee they’ll be amazing!


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