Small Business Spotlight: Little Luxuries by Kate

A catalogue of errors on my part has delayed this post somewhat, I’ve been dying to share it with you all but thing kept getting in the way and I wanted to be able to do justice to the brand and products! I am so pleased to finally be able to introduce you all to Kate and her wonderful company Little Luxuries by Kate. Little Luxuries by Kate sell a range of, you guessed it, luxury gift boxes for humans and hounds alike. Their boxes only contain items of the highest quality, all made in Britain and all fabulous! Here to tell you a little more about her fabulous brand is Kate herself!

Hi Kate, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. What inspired you to start Little Luxuries by Kate?

I think my main goal was and is to be able to stabilise wellbeing and positivity throughout peoples lives through encouraging uplifting adjustments to benefit all lifestyles. Everyone has a different story as to say why they feel life has been a little tough at some point, I think what inspired me to start a luxury gift business was the idea to be able to supply little luxuries to everyone at any stage of their lives which will help their motivation to improve and encourage their wellbeing and lifestyle.

Can you tell us a little more about your range of boxes for pets?

We came up with the Luxury Pooch Collection to make owners aware of the luxury products that are accessible that will significantly benefit your dog’s health, comfort and wellness. We carefully handpicked each product to provide luxury at affordable prices to develop the health and wellbeing of your furry friend.

Why is it important to you to use other small businesses to fill your boxes?

We strive to support small British businesses to help sustain the British trade. We also take the opportunity to show off the talent and craftsmanship that our suppliers and manufactures have, without them we really couldn’t describe our gifts as a luxury.

Can you cater to different sized dogs or multiple dog households?

Yes, we have created our gift boxes to cover all breeds of dogs. We have recently launched a Luxury Build-A-Box collection which allows you to handpick products to create your own bespoke gift box, you can pick as many products as you wish. Ensuring that owners with two or more dogs get to generously treat all of their four legged friends.

Which is your most popular box?

Our Original Luxury Box has been very popular however considering Halloween has just come and gone, along with Christmas coming up, our Luxury Zen Box has also been just as popular!

Which is your personal favourite item that customers can receive in one of your boxes?

Very hard question! I think my favourite items are the natural doggy sprinkles as they are so beneficial to your dog’s health although saying this, we do have some gorgeous exclusive chunky blankets and bone sets that will be released very soon!

What does the future hold for Little Luxuries by Kate?

My aim is to be able to provide everyone with a little bit of luxury at affordable prices, whether that be through subscription or one off gift boxes. It is important to me that everyone receives unique gifts that have a positive contribution to their lifestyle. In the future, I would like to carry on expanding my collections with the goal to be able to offer little luxuries to everyone.

Doodle Review: Little Luxuries by Kate Luxury Box

Kate was kind enough to send us her Luxury Box to review, this box retails at 65 pounds and contains a range of luxury items every pooch will love! Included in our Luxury Box was; a luxury rope lead, a Union Jack bone toy, Herbal Dog Sprinkles, a Little Luxuries treat jar and natural bone shaped treats, all presented in a luxury gift box which we are currently using to store some of our many accessories! The box is beautifully presented all the way down from the gold embossed box to the acid free tissues paper and twine inside. Truly luxury.

The first item to get put to the test was, of course, the treats! You all know we are quite the treat connoisseurs and only the best get past the treat test. Luckily for us Kate knew exactly where to go for the best treats around – our pals at Wellybix (you can see our full Wellybix review we did last year here)! As soon as Mun saw the Wellybix tag she knew Kate was on to a winner. Our jar contained Wellybix Beef Flavoured biscuits – our favourite! Our human loved the fact that the treats came in a jar and not just in a disposable pack as in most subscription/gift boxes. The jar will certainly be used in the month/years to come, it looks much nicer on the coffee table that a half open packet of biscuits!

Next up, we just had to take our new lead for a test drive! Made from natural hemp rope with twine whipping using the traditional splicing method, this lead is the very definition of rustic. It is perfect for muddy woodland walks as it the dirt just falls right off – Mum says that it’s a good job it does with me around! Sturdy, reliable, this lead has become as staple in our accessory rotation – now we just need another one to match!

Mum was very excited about the next product, the Minty Breath Organic Dog Sprinkles from The Holistic Pet Company. Now, somebody in our house *cough* Rhapsody *cough* has TERRIBLE breath! Her teeth are perfectly clean thanks to our raw diet but boy does her breath pong! The Minty Breath Sprinkles are a mix of organic herbs especially formulated to help with bad breath and to support oral and digestive health. The main ingredients are mint and parsley and I’ll tell you what, Rhapsody’s been getting even more cuddles than normal since Mum started sneaking these into her food! Genius.

Finally we have our Union Jack bone toy, quintessentially  British and my favourite item from our box.  Made by the talented Doggie Moggie Doodah, this squeaky bone has quickly become highly prized in our house and, as of yet, neither of us have managed to destroy it! Anyone that knows us will know that I take pride in my ability to destroy stuffed toys but so far Bone 1, Colin 0. You could not get a more glowing recommendation.

As you might have been able to tell, we’re head over heels for our Luxury Box from Little Luxuries by Kate. Every single product was of the highest quality and we could not recommend them more highly! Of course, Kate offers a whole range of different boxes for men, women, children, babies and us pooches, Mum has her eye on a ladies box for Christmas but personally we think that Dapper Dog box with items for human and hound would keep everyone happy!

You can see Kate’s full range of luxury boxes at and you can also follow Little Luxuries by Kate on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with that latest news, offers and product information!


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