Photos of the Month: April 2017

Our favourite photos from the last month featuring lots of meet ups with our Instagram friends (let’s hope Mum doesn’t forget anyone!)

Tilly (@sillytillypoodle), Luna and Aurora (@thecotswoldcollies), Kevin (@sirkevinthechow), Archie (@archiesgreatadventures), Winnie (@winniethedaxie), Sev (@fachshund), Selma (@labradorretriever), Spud (@canine_explorers), Fidget (@fidget_the_midget) and Martie and Mia (@martiemiadt). 

All photos in the blog were taken by myself, Amy (@auraphotographs), Jaime (@fachshund) or Hannah (@cotswoldcollies).


Review: PitPat Activity Monitor

Do you know how much exercise your dog does in a day? You might be surprised!

We all know that us dogs need exercise to stay healthy, according to Mum fellow doodle/poodle owners will know that unless we are properly exercised we are a nightmare to live with as well as leaving us open to a number of weight related diseases, just like our humans. Some breeds are more susceptible to being obese than others, top of that list are Labrador Retrievers, Pugs and  Dachshunds, obesity in dogs can affect every aspect of their lives and ultimately it has been show to shorten their lifespan. Diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and increased blood pressure, respiratory diseases, digestive disorders, cancer and decreased liver function are all more common in dogs categorised as obese than in dogs of a healthy weight as well as making them more susceptible to bone and joint problems, problems with their skin and coat, increased risk from anaesthesia if they have to have surgery and decreased immune function. Add on top of all those risks a shorter lifespan than dogs of a healthy weight and you wonder why anyone allows their dogs to become overweight in the first place. This is primarily due to naughty humans over feeding and under exercising their dog(s), this is where PitPat comes in. Continue reading

Adventure at Alice Holt forest

On Wednesday we braved to weather and headed to Alice Holt forest to meet our gorgeous friend Tilly, and her human of course. We had a great time, despite the hail storm, and thought we would share our adventure with you all. All the photos were taken by Tilly’s human, the very talented Amy. They are on Instagram as @sillytillypoodle, head over to their page to check out more gorgeous pictures.

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