All About Dogs Newbury, here we come!

In case the title didn’t give it away we are going to All About Dogs in Newbury! We are so excited about it and all the great stuff that will be going on so we thought we’d share our most hotly anticipated parts of the show. Also attending with us is Tilly and her human, Amy, who have become great friends of ours. Plus Amy takes great photos so we’ll have plenty to share on our return! There are All About Dogs shows running all over the country and the best part is that is pooches are more than welcome to attend with our humans!

We will be going on Sunday the 10th April as I am going to enter the Scruffts heat for most handsome dog. Some of you may remember that we entered last year and were not too successful but we’re going to give it a second shot and we’ll see how it goes! Obviously I think I am (and my humans agree) the most handsome dog around but we’ll see what the judges think. Other arena events include the Conquest K9 Display Team, a Gun Dog Training display, Cutest Puppy Parade and even a display from the Watermill Wolves Acting Team.

There are also a number of fun dog shows at the All About Dogs events, we have chosen a few that we will enter, Tilly and Rhapsody are going to enter Loveliest Lady (of course, my girls are the most lovely) and Mum says I can enter Bad Hair Day. I don’t know what she’s talking about. My hair’s great. There are load of fun categories including Faster Sit, Most Awesome Eyes, Waggiest Tail and Best Trick, something for everyone! There are also a number of ‘Have A Go’ events going on including agility, flyball, a scurry, fun games and much more. Mum is particularly looking forwards to the K9 Aqua have a go, she said something about jumping and swimming, not sure I’m sold.

Finally, on a slightly more serious note, there is also an opportunity at all of the All About Dogs shows to complete a course in canine first aid. It is a CPD accredited course with a certificate which usually costs £45. The shows are providing this course at a discounted price of £30, which includes entry to the show, and you will learn lots of important doggy first aid lessons including choking, traffic accidents and doggy CPR. After all, we are man’s best friend but most people would not know what to do if the worst was to happen. Our Mummy saved a cat that was run over last year, luckily she managed to get it to the vet without causing further injury but at the time she wished she had know exactly what do it. This course could not only save your dogs’ life but also that of others. You never know when you might be in a situation where you need these skills, better safe than sorry.

Rhapsody and I feel very honoured that for this event we both have a brand new set of Mable and Mu accessories to show off. Thank you, now we know we’ll look extra smart for our first ever official blog event! If you fancy decking yourselves out in your own Mabel and Mu gear, and who wouldn’t, then head on over to their website for gorgeous designs, great prices and free UK shipping!

Our gorgeous Mabel and Mu sets

If you haven’t already seen it, head over to our Facebook page to win one of two pairs of FREE tickets to an All About Dogs show of your choice! All you need to do is comment on the post on our page, tell us your dogs’ name(s) and which show you would like to attend. We will be randomly selecting two winners on the 5th April – good luck!

Free tickets anyone?

To keep up to date with the latest news from all the All About Dogs show you can check their website or social media platforms:






National Puppy Day 🐾

In honour of National Puppy Day I thought we’d share some baby Colin pictures, we don’t have any puppy pictures of anyone else as they were all adopted as adults 😔


Raw Feeding Project

We are super excited to announce our first major project. The aim is to compare the raw dog food avaliable from different suppliers in the UK and hopefully find the best complete raw food for our pooches. I decided to start this project as I have found that many people would like to fed raw or are interested by raw feeding but don’t know where to start or where to source their food from. Hopefully we will find the best source of a complete raw dog food and be able to share our finding with you! Of course these will just be our opinions and every dog is different but by posting our honest thoughts and photos of the products we receive we hope we can help encourage people to take the leap of faith and start feeding raw!

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Let me introduce myself.

imageHi, I’m Colin and as I’m new to this whole blogging thing I thought I would introduce myself. I live in Surrey, UK with my hooman Mum and her sister. We moved here in August 2015 having previously lived with my Grandparents in Berkshire and since we moved out I’ve been in charge of looking after my Mum and Auntie Rosie, after all I am the man of the house now.

I am a very sociable pup, I never met a dog or human I didn’t like (Mum thinks this can be a problem sometime but more on that later!). I have seemingly unlimited energy and love a good game of chase, I can be a little bit of a wimp when it comes to water but we are working on that, after all poodles are supposed to be water dogs!

Well I think that’s enough about me for now, next time all tell you all about my standard poodle brother and sister, I think you’ll love them!