Raw Feeding

We are a raw fed dogs. We are on a BARF diet which stands for biologically   appropriate raw food. I understand that this is a point of contention for many dog owners and I am not here to tell you that you must raw feed your dog. I believe that every hooman has the right to choose what they feed their pooch, whether it is dry kibble, wet food or raw, all hoomans feed their dogs what they think is best for them. For my Mum that is raw food. She did not decide to feed me raw on a whim. She researched hard, spoke to lots of breeders and vets, and made the decision that I would be on a raw diet. We are very healthy, happy and fit dogs, whether this is due to my diet or not is impossible to say but my Mum believes that she is feeding me the best food for me.  Occasionally I may post about what I am eating, if you do not agree with raw feeding or these posts in any way offend you I apologise that you feel this way but just as I respect anyone’s choice not to feed raw I ask that you respect my hoomans choice to do so.

If you would like to learn more about raw feeding please check out some of the pages below that have lots of information about the benefits of raw feeding or going the Facebook group ‘oodles of raw fed poodles’ for help and advice. 




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