Small Business Spotlight: Slumbering Hound

For this week’s Small Business Spotlight we have the wonderful Slumbering Hound for you all. Run by the lovely Dee, Slumbering Hound make a range of dog beds, blankets, cushions and other doggy (and human) items for the home. Here to tell you more about her fabulous company is the lady herself, Dee.

Thank you for joining us! First off, what was the inspiration behind Slumbering Hound?

The inspiration for slumbering Hound is my Rescue Greyhound, Aston. We were lucky enough to adopt him from Kent Greyhound Rescue three years ago. I had been looking into beds and blankets for him in the run up to the adoption and decided, having looked at many, to make my own for him. I was also invited to be part of a local Pop-up collaboration with a group of makers and artists and initially thought I would not have a product to sell, but after an enthusiastic response from friends and family about the things I had made for them and Aston, it gave me the confidence to put a small collection together to sell in the shop. Further interest and encouragement have allowed me to expand Slumbering Hound, especially in the last 18 months, and it has become something I am incredibly proud of.

What sets you apart from other dog beds/blankets?

I have always been of the opinion that bedding and blankets etc for dogs, should not only be comfortable and practical for the dog, but also to compliment the owners home and not be an eyesore in the corner. The fabrics are all carefully chosen to compliment any interior and I am passionate about having cushions and accessories that you are proud to display in your home, that are cosy and comfortable for your dogs and that can be personalised to the clients requirements. I hand-make every item and pride myself on my attention to detail , customer service and providing my clients with exactly what they want for their hounds and homes.

Which is your most popular item?

My most popular products are my Snuggle Sacks. My Snuggle Sacks are handmade from a super soft velour fleece and lined with cosy Sherpa fleece to keep your hound toasty. They are fully washable at 30 degrees and dry quickly. They also have hidden seams for comfort and are generously proportioned. Snuggle Sacks are available in three sizes and are perfect for chillier months at home, camping trips and travelling, even the humans want one!

What is your personal favourite item you make?

My personal favourites are my Personalised Dog Bed Cushions, as that was the first product that I made for Aston. I love seeing photos of dogs slumbering away on theirs, and knowing that theirs is one of a kind. It has been great for me to be able to make improvements to these along the way, by adding the contrast ribbon back and having my own inserts made specially for me, but still managing to retain the essence of  what started it all.

Do you have any exciting Christmas products for the festive season?

I love Christmas and have sourced some gorgeous fabrics for my Festive/winter bandanas. I like the fact that they evoke a feeling of Christmas, but can be worn throughout the season. I love finding new fabrics to use. I also use the Scandi stag fabric to make my Christmas Cards. These are all hand drawn and cut by me, with any dog breed required. I will also be donating 50p from every card sold to my nominated charity this year, which is Glendee Dog Rescue near my home in Hertfordshire. I am also launching my new fleece and cotton Slumber Blankets, which are an exciting new addition to my collection.

What does the future hold for Slumbering Hound?

Well, I would love to keep on making things for peoples hounds and homes, but I would like to make this my full time concern. I love what I have built up and really enjoy the process of making from start to finish. Trying to work part time along side it is now something I would like change as the business grows. I would also like to attend some larger shows and events in 2018 and establish it further.

Doodle Review: Slumbering Hound Personalised Slumber Blankets

Dee very kindly sent us two of her new Slumber Blankets to put to the test. Our blankets are a brand new product for Slumbering Hound so we were very excited to be the first to get our paws on them! They have soft grey sherpa fleece on one side and one of Slumbering Hound’s signature spotty cottons on the other. The sherpa fleece is incredibly soft and perfect for snuggling into on these cold winter’s evenings. Everything about these blankets screams luxury, from the quality of the materials used to the impeccable stitching, they are impossible to find fault with!

On the polka dot cotton side, both blankets have been finished with a poodle silhouette and heart in a contrasting colour which is a gorgeous personalised touch without being too loud! Dee offers a wide range of different breed silhouettes on all her products and many can ever be personalised with your pups name for just an extra £5, it’s touches like these that set Slumbering Hound’s products apart from the rest. As well as their signature polka dog fabric options, Slumbering Hound will also have a selection of other ‘doggy’ fabrics available for their Slumber Blankets.

We received two different blankets sizes, a medium for Rhapsody which retails at £35 and a large for Colin which retails at £45. They will also be offering an XL size for large and giant breed dogs which will cost £60. The medium size is perfect for taking out and about with us, Mum recently discovered that we settle much better when we go out for a meal or drinks if she takes our blanket with us and the medium is the perfect size for popping into her bag. The large blanket is great for throwing over our beds for an extra layer of luxury and warmth when the temperature drops! The bigger blanket has also been great for covering furniture on our travels to avoid any dirty paw prints anywhere they shouldn’t be!

Slumbering Hound also offer a range of other products including beds, snuggle sacks, cushions, toys and bandanas in a range of different colours and fabrics. Their beds start at just 40 which is incredibly reasonable for such high quality, handmade items. We’ve got our eyes on some of their gorgeous cushions next, we’re determined to put our stamp on our new house!

You will be able buy your very own Luxury Blankets from the Slumbering Hound website as soon as they go live and use the code DOODLE10 to get 10% off any purchase! You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest product releases, special offers and their weekly ‘Hound of the Week’ photos.


Review: Dogrobes

You know the feeling, it’s a lovely, wet day and your hoomans are complaining about taking you out for a walk. Eventually they give in and layer up in their ridiculous “wet weather” gear and you’re off.  You know it’ll probably be a short walk, the hoomans don’t seem to appreciate the rain as much as us fluffy folk, so you set about getting as wet and muddy as you can in the time you are out, bonus points if you can also get some muddy footprints on your hoomans. Far too soon you get home and because you are “disgusting” you get relegated to the doggy room (this room can vary in location, for us it is the utility room) for a drying “”time-out”. They then proceed to leave you there until you are deemed dry and clean enough to come out, this can be up to two hours. They may leave you with a chew, don’t be fooled. This is to distract you from the injustice of the situation.

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Review: The Dog Treat Company

This week we are going to try and review some of the lovely products we picked up at the weekend at Discover Dogs. First up is The Dog Treat Company.

Products: Fabulous Fur, Joie de Vivre and Take my Dog Breath Away.

These are lovely, natural treats that Colin could not get enough of on Sunday which was a relief after he had refused so many! All six varieties are based on the same recipe with a few little tweaks, for example parsley in the fresh breath “Take my Dog Breath Away” treats. Main ingredients are free range chicken liver, oats, organic smelt and free range eggs. They don’t add any salt, sugars, dyes or fillers to their treats and use dehydration to preserve them so no chemicals there either!

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Review: Bully Sticks from Bully Bundles

So many of you may have heard of bully sticks. They are a massive trend in America as all-natural, healthy, low-fat dog chews that can last up to 24 hours. They are not readily available in the UK yet (unless you fancy paying up to £7 shipping fee) and my hooman wasn’t ready to spend all that money and risk me not liking them. I can be pretty fussy when it comes to treats. So when our Instagram friends @mollyandtillystaffies ran a competition for best trick with a bag of bully sticks from Bully Bundles as the prize of course we entered! Luckily I know some awesome tricks and I was chosen as one of their winners! Ten days later our parcel arrived and I couldn’t wait to try out the goods so here is my honest review.

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